My Treasure

"And recall my treasure- searching days in the rock pools as a kid." - Fionn Regan

Given that this is my first post after my 1 year anniversary, I've decided to make a change to the format of the blog to, hopefully, make it better. I'm going to be posting less pictures. I'm going to focus on quality rather than quantity. I've had a real hard time in the past editing down my photos, so I've been including all the ones I love. I feel like it's picture overload, so I've made it my mission from now on to only post 5 photos per post. Wish me luck! LOL! You can always click on one of the photos in the post which will take you to my Flickr photostream where you can see more pictures from the photoshoot if you so wish. I would appreciate it if you guys would let me know how you like this change.

I would like to talk about the things we truly treasure in life. For me, it's the little things. I had a wonderful Easter yesterday. Seeing the happiness on my kids faces as they hunted for Easter eggs was so precious. My oldest son didn't hunt this year. He hid. He's growing up so fast. He helped his little sister hunt eggs. He's so gentle with her. It warms my heart. As the sun was going down yesterday, we ran out to a park by the river and quickly snapped a few photos before the light ran out. This spot was so gorgeous. There was a lovely cool breeze blowing. We scoped out future spots for photo shoots including an old bridge. After the shoot, we enjoyed deviled eggs (I made from the eggs my kids found) and conversation as we sat outside under a beautiful night sky. Later, I relaxed while listening to some Iron and Wine. So many treasured moments in one day. I'm so incredibly happy.

Speaking of treasures, I wore the Attic Treasures Tank. I love the simplicity of this outfit. Obviously, the neckline of this tank is what makes it special. I'm loving the sandals I'm wearing. I picked these up from AE last week. I've already worn them 4 times! They are super comfortable.

Today's song is "Put a Penny in the Slot" by Fionn Regan. Fionn is an Irish singer/songwriter. I adore his music and this is one of my favorites.

Well, I've got a busy week ahead. I'll do my best to make time for a photo shoot each day. I'll warn you now, I will not be getting many new articles of clothing in the months to come. I'm cutting back alot on my spending. I'm going to focus more on remixing the great pieces I already have. I think it's going to be a positive thing for me and force me to be more creative with my outfits. I hope you guys will still enjoy my blog. I think change is a good thing, and getting less will make me treasure what I do get even more. Have a great night!






Top: Anthropologie Attic Treasures Tank

Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans

Sandals: AE

Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring: The Limited



  1. Yes, change is a good thing! I love these shots, especially the first one. So pretty! I'm glad you had a nice Easter. It sounds like a great day!

  2. I love the 5 picture edit! It's a great idea. You are working on editing yours down, and I am working on boosting my quality. :)
    I love that top on you. The whole outfit has a casual vibe, but the top keeps it interesting. I love the whole thing. ;)

  3. You are truly gorgeous! Um, but I noticed that youre missing a ring on a certain finger?

  4. Your pics are fabulous...I like understated elegance and sophistication..

  5. Love this post and all your pictures. It's great to see you look happy and refreshed. Having had a good Easter break myself, I know what you mean by treasuring the truly important things in life. Easter/Spring is really a great time for new beginnings. I look forward to the changes you are making in your blog. It's not the number of new outfits you have that I love but the way you style your outfits and the effort you put into creating really great pictures. Here's to another wonderful year of blogging and more power to all the changes you are making in your life.

  6. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I don't now how you find the time and energy it takes to keep the blog going. Your do a beautiful job and your photos are always gorgeous. I like the new format though. I can get an idea for your outfit and the always stunning settings with 5 pictures as much as with more.

  7. That first pic is gorgeous!

  8. I like your new approach Bonnie, less IS more! It's good to hear that you feel good about your decision-making and working on things one day at a time. The pictures are beautiful and congrats on the 1-year anniversary, the Mompos looked fab!


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