Grecian in Green

"Tenuous at best was all he had to say when pressed about the rest of it, the world that is, from proto-Sanskrit Minoans to porto-centric Lisboans, Greek Cypriots and Hobis-hots who hang around in ports a lot." - Andrew Bird

Happy Friday! It's not going to be much of a weekend for me. I've got to work all day tomorrow. Bummer! Oh well, at least life is looking up right now. Still no olive branches extended from my parents, but I'm hopeful that it will come one day. I do plan on going out for a much needed drink tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm wearing one of my favorite new dresses, the Spring-Ready Dress. This dress is so effortlessly chic, and it happens to be my favorite color. I think it has a Grecian vibe to it - something about the way it wraps and drapes. I've worn it a couple of times before with boots. Now that its warmer (and by warmer I mean upper 80's, whew it was hot!), I thought I'd try it with some sandals. My silver Seychelles sandals went with it perfectly. I finished things off with silver jewelry to compliment the shoes.

Since I was feeling very Greek goddess, I decided to revisit the column behind my office building for the photo shoot. It was on the verge of raining when we took these, and it did start raining after a few shots. We still managed to get some good ones. My hair was a curly, frizzy mess and ruined for the rest of the day, but you guys are worth it. LOL!

Today's song is "Tenuousness" by Andrew Bird. I love this guy's quirkiness and ability to use interesting sounding words together in his songs. He's a true artist. I have this album and have heard this song before, but it never really caught my attention. I was googling songs for this post with the word Greek in them and this one popped up. I have to say I'm kinda addicted to this song now. It's so darn catchy!

I received my Anthro birthday discount in the mail yesterday. It came in the cutest little envelope. The packaging was very well done. I think I'll do a little post on it to share with you guys. Now, I just need some money to spend on myself for my birthday. Speaking of which, if you haven't already, check out my blog sale. I've got some cute dresses for sale! All proceeds go to a good cause - my birthday haul! LOL! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Andrew Bird - Tenuousness

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Dress:Anthropologie Spring-Ready Dress

Sandals: Seychelles Get Outta Town Sandals

Necklace, Earrings, and Ring: The Limited



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