Give Me Time

"Give me time...." - Dawes

Hello dear readers. I don't have an outfit for you today. If fact, I don't know when I will have an outfit for you. I'm going through some things in my personal life at the moment and there are alot of unknowns. (Don't worry it's not my health or anyone else's health or anything like that, just emotional issues.) What I can tell you is that I will still be posting, just not as regularly until things settle down. I will still be announcing the contest winner on Saturday, and I have my special anniversary photo shoot coming up next week. Also, I may pop in and write a post about my feelings from time to time. We'll see... Anyway, thank you for your patience during this time. I promise I will post regularly again at some point, and I will be better than ever! I love this blog and you guys so much, and I'm not going anywhere. Just give me time.



  1. We'll miss you and your amazing posts! Take care of yourself....

  2. Hang in there! In the meantime I will miss reading your post every morning and seeing your pretty outfits.

    Sharon in DC

  3. Take care of yourself Bonnie, you deserve it.
    Jenn G

  4. Bonnie, take all the time you need,we will be here for you. I love reading your blog and seeing your nice outfits. I wish you all the best and strength to overcome this difficult period in your life.

  5. Bonnie, you will be missed. I love reading your blog and seeing the outfits you put together. You have to find a way to find peace and happiness. I can see in your eyes that there is a sadness. Work on removing the negativity in your life. Do something for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people. don't give the negative ones any more of your time than you have to. Be Happy Good Luck

  6. Take care! We'll be rooting for you...

  7. Hang in there Bonnie. We'll be here whenever you're ready.


  8. Feel better Bonnie. I struggle too and there will be a top of the hill soon for you I hope! We'll look forward to seeing you back.

    PS - it was super nice to meet you in the local Anthro today! You truly are even lovelier in person. You looked so tiny and slender!

  9. I always enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures. Please take your time. Blogging is not your entire world. You have a wonderful family and friends!

    Please take care of yourself, Bonnie. :)


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