"The vine of my memory is bloming around those eaves, but it's true it's a chore to tame wisteria." - Richard Shindell

"The wisteria is called "Purple Vine" in China. In one cluster, the petals shade harmoniously from the strong, dark purple tip to the soft, light pink at the open base. Wisteria symbolizes playfulness and adventure. Among all plants, vines are the most vivid examples of nature's playful spontaneity. When they decide to grow, they grow without knowing where to grow to. They never miss an opportunity to engage themselves in a playful act with whomever they meet. The movement of the vine dutifully records the memory of its adventures."

Hi! It's been a couple of days since we last talked. My special photo shoot went well yesterday. I had such a good time and actually didn't freeze like I thought I would. I plan on sharing all the pictures and details with you guys on Monday. It's been a dreary, overcast day. I went into work for a few hours this morning. Then my husband and I went out for a quick photo shoot. We came back home, and I changed into my PJ's. My little girl was sick with a fever, so I laid down with her and we took a 2 hour nap. I've spent the rest of the day laying in bed watching basketball.

I knew exactly where I wanted to take photos today. The wisteria started blooming this week, and I knew there was some growing on an old barn down the road. I always look forward to this time of the year when the blooms of one of my favorite plants emerge hanging from trees and other unexpected places. It's a shame the blooms are only around for a couple of weeks, but I guess we wouldn't appreciate them as much if they were around all the time. I wanted to wear something that would play well off the colors of the rusty old barn and the vibrant purple wisteria. I chose one of my favorite dresses, the Crocheted Clouds Dress. I added some color with the Cockle Shell Tights and some warmth on this cool day with the Blooming Lattice Cardigan. I finished this look off with the Ribbon Path Belt and the Brass and Band Booties. The outfit of a true Anthro addict.

Today's song is appropriately enough "Wisteria" by Richard Shindell. I have never heard this artist or song before. I went on Grooveshark and typed in wisteria and this song came up. I played it and was kinda digging it. I looked up the lyrics and really liked them. This song of the day thing is introducing me to some new music as well. Winning! LOL!

I ordered some new shoes last night. Two pairs are floral print shoes. I've never owned a pair of shoes with a print on them. I'm excited about "branching out" into this new shoe territory. Well, I'm going to go continue to be lazy and catch up on some TV shows. Have a great night!









Dress: Anthropologie Crocheted Clods Dress

Sweater: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Tights: Anthropologie Cockle Shell Tights

Shoes: Anthropologie Brass and Band Booties

Belt: Anthropologie Ribbon Path Belt

Earrings: Anthropologie Cloudburst Earrings



  1. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous flowers! I, too, am a fan of wisteria. We had a covered patio in our first home with Wisteria growing on the top as a canopy. We sold the house before the wisteria grew over the entire top but we were able to see it later as we still lived in the same area. I really love how the blue and flowers make these pics to bright and sunny and springlike. Cheers!

  2. OMG, Bonnie, this dress with navy and rust is perfection! I absolutely love this outfit. Hope you had fun at your photoshoot!

  3. Love your pics this week! You look gorgeous and that outfit is stunning against the wisteria and the barn. Love the last pic!

    Kristin S

  4. Oh my word, what a beautiful setting. Everything is perfect including the outfit. I adore that dress. Such gorgeous pictures!!!

  5. wow these pictures are gorgeous- just curious, when you know where you want to/plan to take pictures, does that influence your outfit?

  6. Sherry: Thanks! Your story reminds me of the lyrics of the song I posted. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie: Thank you! I did have fun. Can't wait to share the experience with you guys!

    Kristin: Thanks! The last pic was my favorite as well.

    Mommyblogger: Thank you! I adore this dress too. One of my favs!

    spiffy: Thank you! Yes, when I plan a shoot it does influence my outfit. During the week, I wear whatever comes together in my closet that morning, but on the weekends and for special shoots, I plan my outfit to best compliment the setting.

  7. Your outfit looks really great! You're so lucky to have access to such beautiful backgrounds--no flowers here. Sniff.

  8. What a breathtaking background, and the outfit equally so.


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