Made in the Shade

"There's beauty in the breakdown." - Frou Frou

It's been a lazy Saturday. I stayed in bed until noon. Then I finally got up and did a little housework. I was planning on planting some flowers in my window boxes, but I was much too lazy for that today. I'm going to do it in the morning instead. My plan is to get up early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will follow through on my plan. I have a tendency to scrap all plans and rationalize reasons to stay in bed in the mornings. LOL! It was a beautiful day - sunny and in the 60's. There was a nice breeze blowing, so we opened the windows in the house. It felt so good.

I went over to my sister's house for today's photo shoot. She has this beautiful tree blooming in her yard right now. We went out earlier than usual to take these pictures. The shadows cast by the tree proved to be a problem, but I think we still mananged to get some good photos. I'm wearing a knit dress from Old Navy and a cardigan from Anthropologie. This seemed like a nice, comfy spring outfit. I'm also wearing more new jewelry from The Limited. My sister took the last photo. I was talking to her while she was working in her garden shed, and she said "hand me the camera" and took a picture of me. We were talking about the big barn behind her house. She told me that the loft in it was awesome and that I needed to go up there and take some pictures. I told her we had tried but couldn't figure out how to get up there. She told me how to get up there, so I think we might try to get some pictures up there tomorrow.

I went out and bought some flowers this afternoon. I saw my boss while I was shopping. He walked around with me for awhile and we talked about flowers. There wasn't alot of selection. I ended up buying some petunias and snapdragons.

Today's song is "Let Go" by Frou Frou. I enjoyed listening to this song today while sitting in my bedroom letting the cool breeze blow around me. It was a very relaxing, meditative experience.

I feel like the blog has been pretty boring lately. There just hasn't been anything exciting to blog about. I've got a few things planned for the future. First of all, I've ordered a new camera. I'm so excited about it! Also, I've got a special photo shoot in the works with the photographers that did my piano shoot. Finally, next month will be my 1 year blogging anniversary, so I will be having some special posts to mark that significant event. So, stay with me, things are going to get more exciting around here. Have a great night!










Dress: Old Navy

Sweater: Anthropologie Tucked Away Blooms Cardigan

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Necklace, Earrings, Ring: The Limited



  1. This is a beautiful look, Bonnie. You look so bright and festive and happy!

    And...your blog isn't boring. Life is life, and there are slow times and crazy times! Glad you got to sleep in, and good luck tomorrow.

  2. These photographs are all so pretty, and you look absolutely gorgeous in the last three images. Spring suits you!

  3. I can't believe that dress is from Old Navy. And I love that cardigan. I reminds me of the Garden Party dress. Lovely!

    Complex Cardigans

  4. Hi Bonnie! I love the outfit - and you look so happy, relaxed and ready for spring. That sweater is great with the dress! You are gorgeous again! And your braid is so sweet. Love it! Cheers!

  5. What a beautiful tree! It certainly makes a great background for you pretty pictures. Your sister did a great job with that last one!

  6. Ok, this may be one of my favorites on you yet! That bright blue is amazing and paired with that cardigan (which I just so happen to be stalking on ebay rihgt now) is perfection! The color of the boots and those cute socks really finish off this perfect look. Just adorable!

  7. Beautiful pictures, the colors are so vibrant! I love the flower in your hair too. :-)

  8. gorgeous cardigan and pictures. you match the lovely weather!

  9. I love this outfit on you! You look beautiful...the colors really look great on you. I love the Spring feeling these photos have. Oh how I wish it actually felt like Spring to wear dresses and skirts! :)


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