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Oh, I'm not feeling well. I pretty much knew I wouldn't be in a good mood today given the fact that it's the first day back to work after a long weekend. Also, I coming down with a head cold. My throat is so sore, I'm reduced to whispering -not a good thing for a mother of 3. I tried everything I could to brighten my mood. I wore a sunny yellow cardigan with one of my favorite dresses, the Chocolate Chip Dress. I always feel so pretty in this dress! I figured if I couldn't feel good, I could at least look good. I'm wearing one of my purchases from yesterday. It's a belt that was on sale, and it is not online anymore, so I'm not sure the name. I got it $14.99! I love the floral print on the back!

I was going to post my reviews today, but I'm too sick and tired to do it. I promise I will post them tomorrow! Anybody get anything at the Anthro sale today? Nothing tempted me, thank goodness! I already have the Refined Cord Shirtdress and the Easy As Pie Dress, so I'm good. Whew! LOL!

My song today is on the yet-to-be-released new album from one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists. The album is called "The King Is Dead", and this song is called "June Hymn." This song makes me long for warmer days. I thought it was appropriate for the song of the day given my spring-like yellow cardigan. You can listen to the album in its entirety on NRP. It goes on sale on January 18, so check it out! I feel like a DJ or something! LOL! Have a great night!

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Dress: Anthropologie Chocolate Chip Dress

Cardigan and Flower Hair Pin: The Limited

Belt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels

"June Hymn" from The King is Dead by The Decemberists



  1. I have this dress too and never know what color cardigan to wear with it except black. I need to find a yellow cardigan now because it goes so beautifully with the dress!!

  2. Gorgeous dress! It looks great paired with yellow. And I love that belt..I've never seen that one before. Great find!
    I was bad and bought a lot from the sale today...seems like half my wishlist went on sale. My fav sale scores are the Darjeeling skirt and the Beaded Eglantine Cardigan. I'm glad nothing from the sale tempted you! :)

  3. Mission accomplished looking cute and sunny even when you aren't feeling the best. I'm sorry you are getting sick - blah - I am *just* getting over the whole sore throat/no voice thing - my boys just laughed in my face when I raised my whisper at them.

  4. My throat started to hurt, had several days of bad sinus, then seemed to go away - I hope yours is not long lived!! I love that Choc. Chip dress!! Your header is awesome!! One of my Favorite dresses!!

  5. Well, you still look beautiful even though you feel so sick. I hear you re: the 3 kids. I've got 3 and when I'm sick, it's like my whole house falls apart. If your face starts to feel a lot of pressure from sinuses, you might call your dr about getting a "sinus cocktail" shot (it's steroids). OMG that shot cleared me right up in 24 hours. It was awesome!

    Quick ques, if you remember/noticed a red Reed Cord dress (size 8-10) or Easy as Pie in 8 at your store, could you email me? I've been waiting and waiting for those to hit sale and of course they are all gone...stgermain75006 AT gmail DOT com. Ignore if you are too sick too remember! Hope you feel better soon. I love the new blog header pic, btw.

  6. I LOOOOOVE the Decemberists too!!

    Thanks for letting me know it was available on NPR!

  7. A new header! How many new headers have I counted recently on other people's blogs? I lost count.
    Sorry that you are not feeling well. You still look stunning though - how do manage to do that while feeling meh?

  8. Bonnie you look lovely even if you are coming down with a cold. Hot water with lemon and honey, quick! Hope you feel better soon.

    Tonnes of stuff went on sale here today - I had the Laced with Grace dress in my basket for months, not it's £50 but I'm hesitating as I stupidly didn't try it on in the store last week.

  9. I hope you get feeling better soon! You look fantastic in that dress, it really suits you.

    The sale yesterday destroyed my wallet. I ended up with Refined cord shirt dress, Lucerna dress (popback), Bowtied Boots, and for the heck of it I threw in the D'armee dress since stock was getting low in my size.

  10. Brianna: I've also wore a mint color cardigan with it. That looked good too.

    Meghan: I love the Darjeeling skirt! I happy you were able to score one! Sometimes it's good to be bad! LOL!

    Jan: Your comment made me laugh! My kids were looking at me like I was crazy last night when I was whispering!

    Peggy: Looks like my sore throat is here to stay for a little while longer. Still sore this morning, but I have some good cough drops now!

    no joke: Oh, I'm so happy that my new song of the day post helped you out!

    Jen: New year, new header! I get sick of looking at the same thing. That's probably the reason why I shop so much! LOL!

    Louise: Thanks! Oooh, Laced with Grace would look awesome on you! Look at me enabling! If I can't buy, I want somebody too! LOL!

    St. Germain: My store definietly didn't have any Easy as Pie Dresses. There were some Refined Cord Dress, so it might be worth calling them. (919) 544-6238. Good Luck!

  11. the refined cord shirtdress went on sale? ugh! need to call my local store asap!

  12. wait edited to add... i found it in florida! thanks bonnie because otherwise i may have passed on something i really wanted!

  13. Saya: You got alot of great things! I have the Refined Dress and the Lucerna, and I love them both! I really want the D'Armee dress, but I have to hold out a little longer.

    makeupandpearls: So happy you found the dress! You're gonna love it, and I'm jealous you got it at such a good price!

  14. Hope you feel better, its that time of year!! The yellow definitely brightens things up though and you look beautiful.

    and ps yay for the Decemberists :)

  15. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.


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