Artist's Imagination

*I think I'm going to cry. I just lost everything I typed tonight, so here it goes again...

"I need you so much closer." - Death Cab For Cutie

I finally made it through this work week. At least it ended on a positive note - we have heat! My poor sister is without her car (it's in the shop), so I took her some food tonight. I love driving. It's my time to be alone with my favorite music and my thoughts. I've had alot on my mind lately, so the drive really helped clear my head and put me in better spirits. I wish I were closer to my sister. We are nine years apart, so it's been hard to connect over the years. We had another good talk tonight, so that's a step in the right direction.

It would be easier to be closer to people if I wasn't so introverted. I'm a heck of alot better than I used to be, but I still clam up when I get around people. I'm much better with the written word than face-to-face. Speaking of the written word, I plan on doing some writing over this long weekend. My dream has always been to be a writer. I wanted to major in English in college, but everyone in my life discouraged it, so I went the "safe" route and majored in Business. I'm nervous about writing again. I haven't written anything since college. I've got alot of emotional stuff going on inside of me right now, so I'm hoping that writing will give me a release. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

So, today's outfit is a little something I put together on the fly this morning. I was told I looked like spring. I was also called a "hottie." LOL! I'm wearing my "skinny jeans." And by "skinny jeans", I mean the jeans I can only wear when I'm skinny. I know anxiety is not a good way to lose weight, but hey, I'm trying to look at the positive.

The photographer friend and I went to the area around the art center today for a photoshoot. It was a beautiful day, and the sun was casting such pretty shadows. I especially love the tree shadows on the white wall. I found it ironic that I was wearing a necklace called the Artist's Imagination Necklace while we were taking pictures around the art center. I'm posting even more pictures than normal today. I just loved all of them, and I'm horrible at editing.

The song of the day is another one by Death Cab For Cutie, Transatlanticism. I've seen Death Cab 4 times live, and this is my favorite song live. Following on yesterday's theme, it's another song about separated lovers who can't be together. The imagery in this song is so powerful, it could literally be a poem.

Well, I'm going to go to sleep in my WARM bed and dream of distant lands. Good night!















Tank: Anthropologie Graces Tank

Sweater: The Limited

Jeans: Pilcro Trouser Jeans

Shoes: Apple A Day Pumps

Necklace: Artist's Imagination Necklace



  1. Another set of stunning pictures! I really do think I need to get myself a photographer friend. All I know though is that your photographer friend and you could put together an Anthro catalog on your own.

  2. Joy is right!! You (and your photographer friend) SHOULD put together an Anthro catalog. I am not inspired by the one I receive in the mail, but I always love your photos, esp. the last photo on this post.

  3. Wow, I wore that necklace today as well- love it!

  4. WOW, Bonnie. These photos are just gorgeous. I would have never guessed you are shy - but I completely understand. My mom is terribly shy, yet such a great writer - you would think she can read your soul! The top is so cute... I need to find one. I LOVE the yellow sweater - I can never get enough of yellow lately. I think I need the sunshine! We got a little today and it was glorious!

  5. I agree Bonnie, your photos really belong in an Anthro catalog! I love the pop of sky blue from the necklace paired with the yellow cardigan - so gorgeous! And although you say you haven't written anything since college, I find your writing on this blog to be both expressive and poetic, if that makes any sense...
    p.s. since we seem to have similar tastes in music, I have to recommend anything by Trespassers William to you! :)

  6. Your photographer friend used nice bokeh! I really loved these set of pictures. Very purrrrrdy!

  7. I'm glad we get to see each and every one of these beautiful shots - such gorgeous photos - you are stunning! Hope the writing is a great new avenue for you to explore!

  8. I'm a professional writer. I worked for newspapers and have written books. And I majored in English. Of course, that's not so much writing as the study and analysis of literature. The nice thing about writing is that you don't really need to have those "credentials" to do it. It's like a Nike ad. If you want to write, just do it. :-)

  9. Every single one of those shots are amazing you look stunning. Good luck with the writing, I seem to be trying my hand at it a bit too lately and enjoying it.

  10. These pictures are all so stunning, Bonnie. I am here sitting in my sweats, not feeling like doing much, but you've inspired me to put on a pretty outfit and recruit the BF to do a photoshoot. Thanks so much for taking the time to compose these beautiful shots. I especially love the ones with the mosaic backdrop. So beautiful!

  11. Joy: Aww, thanks! You should get you a photographer friend. There very handy! LOL!

    crys: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the pics!

    Thirteenlbs: Great minds think alike!

    Sherry: Thanks! We've had sunshine here the past couple of days. It's been great!

    Jen: Thank you so much! I needed a little confidence boost! I will definitely check that band out!

    Cindi: This bokeh was for you! All for you! LOL!

    Swati: Thanks!

    Jan: Thanks! I hope it works out as well.

    Kathleen: Wow! Makes me kinda nervous that someone as gifted as you is reading my ramblings on this blog! LOL! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    Deanna: Thanks! Oooh, I'd love to read something!

    Jamie: Thanks! I can't wait to see the shots on your blog!


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