Cup of Tea

Man, I've been in a grouchy mood today! We didn't get any snow, just some very cold rain. I SO didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but I had to and I've been mad at the world ever since! There was one bright spot - how 'bout that 25% off on sale and jewelry items at Anthro today? I didn't really see any jewelry I wanted, but I did spy a pair of Brass and Band Booties that had popped back in my size. They were originally $200, but I got them for $79! Now, I'm just hoping I don't get the dreaded cancellation notice! Keep your fingers crossed for me! You guys get anything?

Today, I'm wearing the outfit I had planned on wearing Tuesday. I saw this sweater in Ruche's lookbook a couple of months back and loved it so much, I got the sweater, necklace and ring that was part of the look. This is called a sweater dress, but there is no way I could wear this as a dress unless I paired it with leggings. Since leggings aren't appropriate for work, I went with black trousers. I usually wouldn't wear a top this long with trousers, but because the sweater is kinda fitted, I think it works. Here is the picture from the lookbook:


And here is my version:

CupofTea 034

I took some pictures with the Christmas tree tonight. I'm really getting tired of taking my pictures in the same boring old spot in my house. I hope the weather is nice this weekend, so I can take some outdoor shots. I'm thinking about going back to my dad's pine tree farm to take some photos. I think the Easy as Pie dress would look great out there. I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday! Have a good night!

CupofTea 048

CupofTea 045

CupofTea 004

CupofTea 020

CupofTea 007

Sweater: Ruche Cup of Tea Sweater Dress
Pants: The Limited
Necklace and Ring: Ruche
Shoes: Mudd



  1. I like your version of the lookbook style, it looks great!

    I've enjoyed taking my photos in front of the Christmas tree too these last couple weeks. I'll be sad to put it away and go back to boring pictures again!

  2. What a great recreation. I like the sweater "dress" with your trousers. Yikes. that would be scandalous as a dress!!!

    You pictures always look nice, indoors or out

  3. I love the outfit and the location you chose for the picture! You look like you are so comfy in that outfit and the style just oozes onto my monitor. Love it, Love it, Love it!

  4. What a pretty picture with your tree! I cant believe that was a dress, but you wear it well as a cardi!

  5. I think I like it better with trousers than I would with leggings. It looks cozy!

  6. I love this ring. I am a fun of big jewellery although I do not wear it myself but if I have had this ring ...I am sure I would change it :)
    And this dress (worn as a tunic) is wonderful. Looks very cozy.

  7. what a magnificent xmas tree. it's splendid.
    Your jewellery steals the show here. You've copied the Ruche catalogue identically! Love the look.

  8. Wow that is some tree! I was planning to take my Readers Holiday Outfit picture in front of our tree to send to Kim :)

    I like the way you recreated this look, it looks comfy yet smart, work and play appropriate!


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