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I'm not in the best of moods today. Maybe it's because I had to get up earlier than usual for the kids' dentist appointments. Maybe it's because I'm a passionate person and I feel like there is nothing in my life to be passionate about right now. Maybe it's because the man at the post office made me feel like a criminal for trying to ship out a package that didn't have an address label on it yet. Maybe it's because my First Whisperings dress came today and my husband said, "It wasn't his favorite." Maybe my hormones are unbalanced. I don't know. All I know is that I haven't cried in a long time, and I feel a good cry coming on. Sorry to be all gloom and doom tonight.

So here are some pics of the First Whisperings dress on me. I don't know how I feel about it. I loved it in the store. I don't love it tonight, and my husband's comments aren't helping any. However, my husband rarely likes anything I wear. His style is ultra preppy, and I am more bohemian. So, readers, I need your help. I need you to be honest with me because this is a pricey dress. Do you think I should keep it or do you think I can do better for the price?

FirstWhisperings 002

FirstWhisperings 004

FirstWhisperings 005

FirstWhisperings 006

I've created a new polyvore look for my Christmas party outfit incorporating a different necklace. I really appreciate everyone who responded to that post and gave me suggestions for necklaces. I ended up ordering a necklace from Forever 21 last night. It's nothing special, but it has the color combination I wanted, so we shall see if it works or not. It was only $7, so if it doesn't work out, I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.

Christmas Party 2010 #2

Christmas Party 2010 #2 by bonniejo featuring high heels pumps

Lastly, I have a outfit of the day for you. This was something easy to throw on this morning to take my kids to the dentist. By the way, the dentist appointment went better than expected. There was some crying, but it wasn't that bad. Thank you all for reading this blog and commenting. When I'm down like this, it really helps to write things down, and it's good to know you guys are out there reading.

LooselyLooped 008

LooselyLooped 017

LooselyLooped 021

LooselyLooped 019

LooselyLooped 033

LooselyLooped 025

LooselyLooped 040

Top: Anthropologie Loosely Looped Tee
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Mudd
Earrings: The Limited



  1. Your mood might be swaying your decision about the dress. I'd say, sleep on it and decide another day when you're feeling better. I do like the dress on you tho if that is any help at all! Haha.

  2. Bonnie, cheer up! You look GORGEOUS in that First Whisperings dress! I have added it to my wish list after seeing you in it. It embodies "bohemian," that's for sure! I LOVE IT! Looks adorable with the cute little grey boots and the frownie face too! Keep it! I may just have to order it, though I think I'll need some leggings with my 5'10" tallness.

    How are the seams? That's the one thing reviewers said about it. Also, do you think I could wear it sans belt? I love the belted dress look on you but am not sure I could pull it off.

  3. Man- I know how you feel about getting ina funk. I've been in one all week- Nothing that usually makes me happy/cheers me up has been working either- so I'm just all confused and..blahh!!

    Anyway :-) I LOVE the dress. I think it's so comfortable/cute/awesome on you. BUT if you don't like it, return it. Who cares what hubby thinks. ;-)

  4. I love the dress - love the pattern and it looks great on you! I also love the shirt you went to the dentist in. Hope your day got better! :-)

  5. I think you are really pretty, but that dress really doesn't do much for your figure. Especially since you've been buying more than you had said you would. It looks like a sack on. Your OOTD is MUCH better. You look comfortable and stylish.

  6. I love the color of the Loosely Looped on you! As for the dress, I returned mine this week because as I was reaching to get something, it ripped down straight down the side :-(

  7. The dress looks great on you, no doubt about that, but I say wait for it to hit sale. You already own so many pretties that by the time you pick it up on sale it will seem brand new! I mainly say this b/c I know you've been trying to budget and be better about not shopping..but that doesn't take away from you looking pretty in it!

  8. Oh my, I totally relate about your hubs not liking most of your clothes - my sweetie often says "That's not my favorite" or "Eh" or "Why did you buy that?" about LOTS of my outfits too! I absolutely HATE it because he's the one opinion that I have around the house (besides my blog buddies), and our styles are often so opposite.

    That being said, I think you should definitely not worry about the dress tonight if you're moody - evaluate it when you're feeling better! If I'm not feeling good, I'm inclined to diss myself and clothing more than I normally would - like Cindy said, sleep on it! And forget what the hubby said about the dress - what matters is that YOU like it, not him! You're the one wearing it, after all! :) I think it looks just beautiful on you - maybe wear it around for a while and see if it grows on you? I do that sometimes if I'm undecided. Every gal needs a flowy, boho dress, and you can wear it year round too, I think. You might want to snap a quick pic outside if you have the time so you can see it in its true form. :)

    Your OOTD looks just lovely as always too! Hope your day is a bit brighter tomorrow!

  9. I think the dress looks cute on you, but it will probably make it to sale and you may like it better then. I LOVE that tee on you, I definitely have to try it on now.

  10. hate to be negative, but i am not loving the first whispering dress. i think you have a great figure and imo that dress is not flattering to anyone.

  11. I think you look amazing in the green dress on your header because the colour is so good on you and the cut flatters your figure. I look at this dress and despite being of similar style it just doesn't rate for me. It doesn't look it's dollar value and it looks a bit sacky to me.

  12. Hope you wake up tomorrow feeling much better!!! WHile I like the dress on you, I think it's one I"d wait for a sale for. That being said, I love that top you have on today...totally on my wishlist in that same color.....I'm waiting for that to go on sale! Be a sale waiter with me! =)

  13. I agree with Ali. I don't care for the dress -- even on a mannequin. It misses the mark and is rather drab. Just look at the difference between the photo of you in the dress and the loosely looped T. Can't you see how the T flatters your figure much more? There are so many more fish in the sea. You look so stunning in your other dresses and you'll always have your husband's thoughts in the back of your mind (sad but true) so forget the dress. If you have to ask, you already know the answer. More Anthro goodies down the line. I wanted the Lattice Sweater so badly but it just looked like crap on me so I passed -- I'm over it and I just admire it on the other ladies. Cry if you need to, but then ignore the "Whisperings" and cheer up Bonnie because you've got amazing style. Why hasn't Anthro contacted you to model yet???

  14. You look amazing in so many things and this dress is not one of them. The dress is just so sack-like even belted....I don't think I've seen anyone look good in it.

    Anthro comes out with so many pretty things, I'm sure you will find a dress with the boho feel that you love so much and will look fabulous on you. If you really like this particular dress, wait for sale, it will make it there.

  15. Bonnie - the plum tee you are wearing is awesome!! One of the best looks on you! I need to try it on soon. I am not crazy about the dress, on anyone. It doesn't have great tailoring or the typical unique Anthro vibe- I say wait for a sale!

  16. Morning Bonnie, happy Friday. I hope you are feeling better today and had a decent nights sleep. Maybe re-evaluate the dress again today?

    For me your OOTD is stunning, you look slim, relaxed and very comfotable. In the shots of the dress you already look resigned to sending it back, so maybe try it again styled a few more ways and then make your decision.

    I think for the money, I'd send it back for something much more flattering. Your Laced with Grace dress was worth the $ but I'm not sure this one is and if you send it back now you might be able to score it on sale later?

  17. Hello there!
    You don't look real pleased in the First Whisperings dress, which is probably an indication of how you feel about it (or maybe it's just because you;ve had a rough day). Whatever it is, think about it again and be honest with yourself about how you feel in it.
    Personally, i think it looks really good on you and has a boho feel, which is very you (in my opinion anyway).
    Loving your second outfit - very stylish and timeless. You remind me of Joan Holloway in those pics :-)

  18. I think the First Whisperings Dress looks great on you, especially with the belt, but I'd wait for a sale (I'm sure it will make it) :)

  19. You look absolutely lovely in your OOTD; refined, relaxed and very ladylike. The First Whisperings dress does not complement your figure as much and the colors do not bring out your loveliness like the plum tee does. Your pocketbook and conscience might benefit from returning the dress. I hope today is better for you!!

  20. The dress looks lovely on you, but I agree with LC. I think it will make to sale because not everyone likes the Bohemian look. Return it and wait for the sale.

  21. Bonnie,
    My husband Jay and I had the very same discussion Sunday (before church, in my closet!) about what he wears and what I wear. He would fit in most any day at a Hunting Lodge, and I would fit in most any day as a sales associate at Anthro (Hey, a girl can dream...). He said, I don't like most of what you wear, but you wear what you like, and that is fine with me. And he really meant it. Your husband has been so sweet to you, and he probably was not being malicious. I am sure of it.
    That being said, the tailoring is not done well on the dress, and knowing you are trying to stick to your budget, either return and wait for cuts, or return for a better use of your money.
    BTW... The Loosely Looped looks AMAZING on you. I have in in grey and love it too. ;)
    Chin up, Buttercup.

  22. Bonnie, I really want to order that loosely looped tee (if they still have it) after seeing it on you. But I'd return the first whisperings and wait for it to go on sale, especially since you're on the fence about it. It's very pretty but not fabulous.

  23. I thought I liked the dress on you...until I got to your OOTD - you look so gorgeous, it was breath-taking. And that was for a trip to the dentist! So, compared to your other outfits, I say the dress is not a keeper. It looks better on you than most, but not as good as your other things. Does that make sense? Hope you find a passion soon - I know how it feels to be at loose ends in that regard! (don't tell my husband. :o)

  24. The outfit you are wearing today looks fantastic on you, but I think you should return the dress and reconsider at sale time. I think that dress looks great, but you have associated it with bad emotions already.
    For me, once I feel bad in something, I never really wear it. It sits in my closet and takes up space and I regret buying it later. I did that with the Chantilly Begonia Poncho. Somebody said something about it making me look old and I was already in a blue mood... and I never wore it again. It shouldn't have affected me that way, but I am human and it did hurt my feelings when I was in a vulnerable state. And now I regret buying it. Especially at full price.
    If you wait for a sale, you can reassess your feelings about it at that time and risk less because it is not full price.

  25. Hugs to you for having one of those days. I'm with @Ali - The dress seems a little too tight above your chest/around your back, and a little too loose around your hips. And the pattern is not my favorite. It just doesn't look like an expensive, well-made piece of clothing.

    However.. Your OOTD is DIVINE! I love your hair, what the shirt color does for your gorgeous skin, the fit, the draping, everything is perfect. Very Joan from Mad Men. You are such a beautiful woman, and this outfit really works for you.

  26. I've been in a funk this week, too, so I know how you feel! I like the dress on you, but I agree with some of the above ladies - wait for a sale! It'll make it a much sweeter buy in the end :) That purple tee on you is LOVELY!!

  27. I say no on the dress. It kind of just hangs on you. You can do better.

    LOVE the OOTD! Love love love your hair pulled back!!

  28. My husband wears the free running t-shirts given out at races all the time so when he comments on my clothes I just raise and eyebrow and he shuts up.

    I absolutely love this dress and can't wait to buy it myself. I love the bohemian style and yes it does kind of just hang, but it's just so relaxed and cool - AND it's just soooo soft. I know you already made up your mind, but when it does go on sale, you should buy it!

    I have been in a funk too- I think it's the season change. While others are all hyped up for the holidays, I don't even celebrate them, so in addition to the cold and dark... I have to endure all the "holiday speak"
    - sorry, that was me being a downer!

    Hope your feeling better, at least it's the weekend!!


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