Let's Make a Deal

Good morning! I had a very fun day yesterday! We didn't get in until late last night, hence, no post yesterday. It was my oldest son's birthday, so we took him and my nephew to see Harry Potter at the IMAX theater in Raleigh. We were going to eat lunch somewhere yummy, but ending up eating at the food court in the mall, because there was road construction that set us 30 minutes behind schedule. I know it's necessary, but I hate road construction, and they always seem to do it at the worst possible times! Next, we went to Anthropologie. It was so funny seeing the 3 boys I was with looking around at all the stuff there. There were a couple of earrings and necklaces that I was looking at and my nephew was like, "I could make that." "Just take some fishing hooks..." LOL!

My husband made me a deal yesterday, and I accepted. He said if I took back everything I bought last weekend, he would give me $600 in January to buy whatever I wanted. This excluded the First Whisperings dress which I could exchange. So, I took back all my Santa's helper gifts except the Thrush Song Blouse which I got in place of the First Whisperings. Confused yet? Long story short, I ended up with 2 items: the Thrush Song Blouse and the Loop De Loop Henley. Now I have to wait like a good girl until January.

Next, we headed to the movie. We were able to take some pics at the park across from the movie theater before we went in. I'm wearing a sweater I borrowed from my friend Stephanie. She got this at TJ Max for $17! It looks just like the Field Game cardigan! The movie was great! All the girls in the theater were crying at the end. My nephew got a kick out of that, although, I think he probably had to hold back the tears himself. Lastly, we had a wonderful dinner, and we got the restuarant staff to sing Happy Birthday to my son. Perfect ending to a great day!

FieldGame 001

FieldGame 012

FieldGame 014

FieldGame 015

FieldGame 020

FieldGame 025

FieldGame 031

Blouse: Anthropologie Odille Blouse
Sweater: Field Game Cardigan Look-a-Like via TJ Max
Pants: Anthropologie Pilcro Cohort Cords
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. WOw--that sweater is a dead ringer for the Field Game cardi...and at a great price! Sounds like you had a fun family day...those are the best!

  2. We hated the HP movie, but we had fun going out in general. You look great! I go on a shopping hiatus in November until about January or February too. I have to think about so many things at that time financially that I can't afford to be selfish. It is a little hard though! I know how that wait can feel. :)

  3. Gosh that cardi is a dead ringer for the Field Game. You look like your got your mojo back in these pics Bonnie? :) x

  4. Probably good as now you will have some surprises under the tree perhaps!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful in these pics (I just love your hair)!! The boys look like sweethearts too! And what a deal from your hubby - in January, it'll be so so worth it! :)

  6. I have a similar look-a-like to the Field Game...I paid $28 for mine and found it a Macy's. Still a good deal, though not quite as good as the one from TJ Maxx! I really like how you styled it with the Pilcro cords. They look stellar on you!

    And what a great deal from your husband! Are there already a few items on your list?

  7. wow, so neat! I just went on a wild goose chase for that cardi after reading about it here! It did not produce anything- however, now I want it!! You look great pairing it with the Pilcro cords!

  8. Good on you for waiting until January to receive your $600 bonus!! your husband is so sweet to treat you :-)
    Love the field game cardi on you, I think you look amazing in it!


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