OOTD: Lucerna on the Forgotten Farm

It's been a bizarre day for me. I had to take my car to the shop today for new tires, so I felt out of sorts without my car. So much so, I almost forgot to pick it up this afternoon! Thank God my husband called and reminded me! It's been humid, sticky, and overcast here. As a result, I've felt sticky and overcast myself. I just felt gross all day! I was too hot one minute and too cold the next. And my eyes are so darn itchy! I had to wear my glasses for most of the day. First thing I did when I got home was take a hot shower! I'm feeling much better now!

Despite, my "issues", my husband and I treked out to one of my dad's farms to take some outfit pictures. I like to call this the forgotten farm, because it's all overgrown and has tons of old cars and farm equipment just sitting around rusting. I hadn't been out here in awhile, but after seeing it today, I'm pretty positive my dad's a hoarder. LOL! There is just stuff everywhere, but it makes for some interesting photos. I think I will be able to do several photo shoots out here!

I'm wearing the Lucerna dress again. It was the perfect outfit for a yucky day. It's so comfortable it's like having on pajamas. I'm debuting my Steve Madden Candence boots today. These boots are so comfortable! They are the equivalent of bedroom slippers for me. I finished things off with a cardigan from J Crew and a necklace from The Limited.

Again, I'm posting alot of pics, but there was just so much stuff to take pictures with. My husband was like, "Don't use it all in one shoot." LOL! Have a great night!

Dress: Anthropologie Lucerna Dress

Cardigan: J Crew - last year

Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots

Necklace: The Limited - last year



  1. Love the red against the back drop. I like how you paired the brown boots with the dress, like how it was paired in the catalog shot. Hope your day go by more smoothly tomorrow.

  2. I just received the Lucerna dress and I'm wondering if you're handwashed yours or used the delicate cycle? I can't stand the idea of dry cleaning a knit dress.

  3. Morning Bonnie, nice shots as always! It is 0 degrees where I work in Hampshire (UK) today... think I'd rather be a bit warm and sticky like you were tbh. I work on what was an old farm, there are now cute little one storey office buildings. We have clear blue skies and frost everywhere - I can picture a winter Bonnie photo shoot right here!

  4. Bonnie, I'm so loving your outfit with the farm setting. Your photos are gorgeous, and you look so gorgeous in the red dress - the fit is flawless. Also loving the necklace. Oh my golly, you've mastered the anthro look down-pat!

  5. Cindi: Thanks! My day is better already!

    Melissa: I dry clean it. I'm just too afraid of piling on knit items.

    Louise: Thanks! Burr...that's cold! You're workplace sounds beautiful. I've never been out of the country, but if I ever do, the first place I want to go is the UK!

    vintageglammz: Thanks! It's so fun doing these photo shoots!


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