OOTD: Turquoise Maxi Dress

Good evening! I'm posting way later than normal today. Work has been brutal lately, and I haven't had time to take a break long enough to type on the blog. I had a great time at the Kings of Leon concert last night! I wore the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress with the Sweet Wrap Sandals. I always wear those sandals when I know I'm going to be on my feet alot. They are the most comfortable shoes ever! Here's some pics from last night:

So, you all know I love my Frye Paige Boots I got last month. I got them in the saddle color. It's a pretty light color, so I've been searching for a few weeks now for a dark brown pair of boots. I was hoping to find a pretty cheap pair since I spent so much on the other boots, but I simply cannot find a boot out there that I even remotely like. I get excited when I see a promising pair, but then I look closer and there is always something I don't like about them. So, last week I broke down a bought another pair of Frye Paige Boots in dark brown. I guess it's kinda weird to get the same boot in different colors, but I don't know what else to do. So, I've spent $500 on 2 pair of boots. I feel ridiculous spending that much on shoes, but I plan on wearing boots with everything this winter because they are so comfy! I figure they should last for years, so they are "investment pieces." I have eagerly awaited their arrival and I finally got them today. Big problem - I couldn't get in them! My heel gets stuck at the ankle portion of the boot. They are the same size as my other ones, but for some reason these are almost impossible to get into. I ended up getting them on with panty hose. I walked around my house in my Frye's and panty hose for a couple of hours. I did homework with my kids and cooked dinner in them. I pulled them off and tried to put them back on with knee high hose. It was still a struggle, but a little easier. So, I've decided to keep them and hope that they will get even easier to put on as time goes by. Who knew trying to find the perfect pair of boots could be such hard work?

So, today I'm wearing a dress I got from Anthro last year. I'm not sure the name of this dress, but it is by C. Keer. This dress is very revealing in the chest area, so I put a cropped cardigan over it for work. This cardigan is so old. I got it from Express around 7 years ago. It has been a great layering piece! I finished things off with gladiator sandals from J Crew.

Anyone get anything at the Anthro sale today? I ordered the Midnight's Spring Cardigan. I tried it on when I was in D.C. and loved it! Well, I've rambled on enough. I'm going to watch an episode of X-files and go to bed. Have a great night!

Dress: Anthropologie C. Keer Dress
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: J Crew
Earrings: Anthropologie Cloud Cover Earrings



  1. i'm totes jealous of your frye paige boots. I've been 'making eyes' at the saddle colored ones in my browser on endless.

    love that cardi, the knitted feather pattern goes so gracefully with the full length dress. Very pretty!

  2. That's so weird that the same exact boot would fit so differently! Hope they stretch out for you! Once you find a pair of shoes you love you might as well buy two pairs right? =) I love the blue color of your dress today...and the earrings are super cute!

  3. you can't go wrong with Frye's! i love mine...i have 3 different pairs and have been looking at another pair of the Campus and/or Harness style! it's true...they are investment pieces and perfect for fall/winter (where i live spring too!)
    have a great evening :0)

  4. Lori: I love the saddle color ones! There my fav too! I hope you can get them!

    Jenni: Thanks! It is weird!

    Meg: Wow! 3 pairs! I've heard of people who have had their Frye's for 20+ years!


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