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Good Monday morning readers! I've got a little of a stomach bug today, so I'm home relaxing. I'm in my PJ's so I don't have an outfit for you today, but I do have the rest of my reviews! Hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon because I'm going to see Kings of Leon tonight! I will definitely snap some pics for you guys! I hope you all have a great Monday!

Well-Wisher Jacket ($148). This little linen jacket was so pretty on the hanger, I just had to try it on! I grabbed a size 8, and it fit good. I liked it, but I didn't love it. I especially didn't love it enough to shell out $148 for it. It makes me look a little wide in the picture, but I didn't notice that in real life. I might consider this one come sale time.

Cream Confection Jacket ($178). Ah, the Cream Confection Jacket. I think this jacket looks great on everyone! My store didn't have a size 8, so I grabbed a 6. What do ya know? The 6 fit great! I think if this jacket buttoned, I would not be able to wear the 6, but because it zips, I didn't have the "pulling button" problem. So, I think if you're like me and usually have to go with a larger size in jackets to accomodate the "girls", you might be able to size down in this one because of the zipper. It is made of wool, but it is fully lined, so the wool didn't bother me. If it is still available in October, I am going to purchase this little number! I love it!
Tulip Curtsy Blazer ($118). The print on this little blazer just screamed Fall, so I decided to try it on even though it is not really my style. The size 8 fit good, but I just didn't care for it. If your looking for a cute, unique blazer, though, this fits the bill.
Embraceable Tee ($58). I thought this was a good price for a long sleeve tee with such pretty little flowers on it. I tried a size medium, and I think like most of Deletta's tops it was too big on me. I should have tried this in a small, but I don't think it would have helped much. This tee just didn't do anything for me.
Slanted Plaid Blouse ($88) and Argyle Avian Shrug ($88). I saw these 2 items displayed together in the store and was very excited to try them on. However, once on, they were just all kinds of wrong on me. I tried a size 6 in the blouse since I usually wear that size in Odille, but I think I needed a size 8 because the buttons were pulling a little bit. The shrug was huge and not flattering at all! If I get a chance, I would love to try this blouse in a size 8 by itself. I think it would look great with skinny jeans and boots.First Falling Blouse ($98). Here's another pattern that screamed Fall. I tried this is a size 6 since it is made by Odille. It fit great! So, you may want to size down in this one. I love the obi sash belt! I threw a cardigan over it, and I liked the way it looked! Again, another look to wear with skinny jeans and boots. $98 is a little steep for this blouse, so I will consider it at sale time.



  1. Ahh all these fall clothes got me excited for falling leaves and pumpkin pies! I love the cream confection coat on you. I wore it this weekend as well and love it!

  2. I seriously cannot wait to get the Cream Confection jacket!! I'm getting so antsy about it, haha! It looks lovely on you! :)

  3. Oh....I LOVE the first falling blouse on you - gorgeous. Actually, everything seems to look good on you! May I ask what jeans you're wearing in these shots? I'd love a pair like them....

  4. Cindi: Me too! I love Fall!

    Erin: Looks like there is still plenty online, so if we can just wait a few more weeks! LOL!

    Tracy: Thank you! Trust me...everything does not look good on me! LOL! I've had these jeans for a few years now. I got them at Arden B. I've worn them too death! These are the oldest pair of jeans in my closet! I looked on the tag and they are called the Lexy Flare.

  5. I loved the first falling blouse when I tried it on. I didn't think it would look good on me but it was cute and I think I tried it on with the same cardi in a different color!

  6. I love anything with fall leaves on it. the first falling blouse is so pretty. The cream confection jacket looks great on you!!

  7. i like every single outfit....the first jacket is a WOW!


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