OOTD: Rare Bloom Tee

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. My morning started out better than usual. My middle child has ODD(Oppositional Defiant Disorder), so getting him to school in the mornings is a challenge to say the least. He is usually very cranky, and I have a hard time getting him in and out of the car. However, this morning he was in a great mood! I had no problems with him, and he even gave me a kiss bye! It was nice to have a relaxing morning for once! Today, I'm wearing the Rare Bloom Tee from Deletta. I'm starting to figure out that I need to get size small in Deletta tops. This is a size medium, and it is a little big on me, but I'm making it work. I'm thinking of selling this one on Ebay and buying a size small. There seem to be alot of these on Ebay. My shoes today are a new purchase from Urban Outfitters. My friend, Stacy, walked in the office with these on last week, and I HAD to have them. With a coupon, they were only $26 and free shipping! My other officemate, Stephanie, got a pair as well. They are a little uncomfortable (the straps are digging into the top of my toes), but I think once they are broken in, they will be ok. I'm really looking forward to the sale tomorrow! I'll probably be up in the wee hours of the morning scoping it out online!

Top: Anthropologie Rare Bloom Tee
Pants: The Limited
Necklace and Ring: The Limited



  1. Great buy on the shoes - they are so cute!! And this dark blue is such a pretty color on you!

  2. I've looked at these heels before but I didn't realize they were on sale! Yikes, I may have some shopping to do. :)

  3. Those shoes are adorable, and what a great deal at $26. I think a little discomfort is definitely worth it for all that cuteness.

    And the gathered detail on the top is beautiful!

  4. what cute shoes!!! i love them! I had that tee and returned it. i kinda wished i hadn't now. i may have to check ebay!


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