OOTD: Bow Top

Good morning! I had another hectic morning getting kids to school! It's so hard getting used to a new schedule. In the spirit of changes, I decided to change the look of the blog a little bit. It took me forever to decided on what color to use for the Blog Header. It seems like no color stood out on that picture. I finally decided on a shade of red. I was also very indecisive with my outfit this morning. I couldn't decide whether to tuck the top into my pants or not. I started out with it tucked in. Then, I tried to incorporate a belt, but that didn't look right. When I got to work, I tried wearing it out, but I thought that looked sloppy. So, I ended up with this.

I also didn't know what to do with my hair. I started out with it down, but later pulled it back. I guess the stress of the last few days is taking its toll. The top I'm wearing is from The Limited. It has a big bow on it which I think is really cute. I feel that this top runs a little big. I'm always a size medium at The Limited, but I think a small would have fit better in this top. It's a little big in the arm holes and neck. Still, I like it, and I think it will be cute with lots of pants and skirts in my closet. I think I need to stick with taking pictures in my mirror at home. I look much skinnier in my mirror than in real life! LOL!

Top: The Limited Grosgrain Bow Top

Pants: The Limited

Shoes: Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Sandals



  1. You are skinny silly!! You look so cute---love that fun top! Have a good day!

  2. Those pants fit like they were MADE for you - jealous! Hey - you picked my fav photo from your recent shot for your new header - fantastic! Looks like a magazine shoot!

  3. Very proffesional . . . love the eyeshadow . . . and the shoes!

  4. I love your new header picture! :-)

    Your outfit today is very elegant. I like all the bows lately on clothes and jewelry. In fact, I wore my bow earrings today!

  5. You have the best shoe collection, Bonnie. I think you own every Seychelles and Pink Studio shoes that I have on my wishlist! Can I come borrow them sometime? Just kidding -- but if we lived closer to each other, I might really start to beg you : )

  6. Those pants are soo flattering! And you look so polished and professional, but femine and pretty at the same time!


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