OOTD: Zoya Dress

I got my Zoya Dress yesterday, and I'm loving it! My husband said he liked it but didn't love it. He thinks it's weird that it looks like a skirt and blouse, but it's really a dress. Oh well, can't please everybody! I'm wearing it with my Wishbone Wedges from Anthropologie. I love these shoes, but I don't have many outfits that look good with them, so I'm glad they work with this dress. I haven't quite figured out how to get good pics of shoes yet. So, please excuse my dorky "stand on one leg" pose. It was so hot yesterday, we didn't do yoga on the rooftop at work. We have a big training room here, so we have reserved it this afternoon at 4:30 for yoga class. I'll miss doing yoga outside, but it's just too darn hot out there! I hope you found my Anthropologie knit top reviews helpful. I'll be posting another set of reviews on dresses later today!

Dress: Anthropologie Zoya Dress

Shoes: Anthropologie Wishbone Wedges



  1. I did find your reviews to be helpful. And I LOVE your shoes! They look great with this dress. :)

  2. Those shoes are ADORABLE and I too love the dress :) Cute outfit! And so fun that you get to do yoga at work! I would love to be able to do that at my office!

    Small Time Style

  3. I like your reviews since no offense to the smaller petite women, but you are a bit more representative of my size, so I get a better sense of how stuff looks.

    Dress and shoes look cute on you.

  4. Ady - Thanks! I'm glad you found the reviews helpful!

    Lauren - Thanks! I feel lucky to have a boss that is so relaxed and chill and is a yoga instructor too!

    Bronzi - I'm so happy you like my reviews. I think it's great that there are so many fashion blogs because there is one for every body type!

  5. I love this dress on you, and to be honest it did not capture my eye on the anthro website. But after reading this post, I went straight to the website to order it ... and it's gone! Maybe I can call some stores and track it down!

  6. Cassie - I had to call Anthro customer service to get mine. If you call them, they will look in their inventory system to see if there is one in your size at a store. It is free shipping! Good Luck!

  7. I have always loved this dress and I'm happy you were able to locate one. You look great in it!!!

  8. Wow, the Zoya dress suits you perfectly. It looks better on you than anyone else I've seen! Great buy =)

  9. Cat - Thanks! I'm glad I was able to get it too!

    Goldenmeans - Wow, thanks girl!


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