Anthro Reviews: Knit Tops

I'm finally getting around to posting my reviews from my trip to Anthropologie last Thursday. I tried on alot of stuff, so I'm going to break them into segments. This one is all about knit tops. I think I tried on every knit top available in my store. I always get excited about Antho's knit tops, because they are usually the lowest priced items in the store.

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Tangents Top ($48). I usually love C. Keer's tees, but this one was just boring. I feel like I could get something like this from Old Navy for $15. It's cute, but not worth the price tag. I tried on a size small and it fit good.
Folded Mementos Tee ($58). I never got to try on the Climbing Cowlneck Tee, so I was excited to try on the printed version. I grabbed a small because my medium tops have been big on me lately {doing a happy dance}. The small fit, but it was a little tight in the chest area. However, I think if I sized up to a medium, the neck would plunge too low. Pretty top, but not made for my body.
Once and Always Tee ($58). This was just all kinds of wrong on me! I think this top would be so cute on small chested girls, but it did not work on me. The size small fit good, but the bow was just too much bulk. It also appears to be a little see through.
Unveiled Tank ($48). The color online looks more pinkish than this top does in person. I would say it is more of a orangish red. This is one of 3 orangish red tops I tried on that day. I tried this one in a medium. I thought it fit good, but it just didn't wow me.
Craft and Creation Top ($58). I was excited to try this top on because it looked so pretty on the model in the catalog. On me, not so much. This is a small. It was too tight in the chest area, but too loose everywhere else. Maybe if I sized up to a medium it might work, but I worry that it would be too low in the front.
Lariat Laced Tank ($58). I love the color of this top and the cool braided detail. I tried this in a medium, but I should have grabbed the small. The medium is too big. I think this tank would look great on me in size small. Wishlisted.
Horseshoe Falls Top ($58). Another orangish red top! I kinda liked this top. I tried a medium, but I would need a small since it was a little too big. It is just a comfortable top in a nice color. I will consider this top come sale time. Mint Julep Top ($78). Love, love, love this top. It will be mine someday soon! I tried a medium in this, and it fit good. Love the neckline, love the print, love everything!



  1. The color of the Unveiled Tank looks fabulous on you!! And I, of course, totally agree that you have to make that Mint Julep Top yours :)


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