OOTD: Zigzags and Zinnias

I have a splitting headache today, and I'm sick of this heat! I'm looking forward to the 80 degree weather promised for the rest of the week! That kinda rhymed....LOL! Anyway, I just want to get through these next 2 work days then I'm off to Chapel Hill to spend time with a friend and check out a concert. I plan on hitting up Anthropologie while I'm there on Thursday, so get ready for some reviews! I hope there are alot of new arrivals for me to try on! Did anyone score anything at the Anthro sale today? I really like the Field Game Cardigan and the Tiny Windows Dress, but I'm trying to be good and not buy anything! My top today is a recent Ebay purchase. It's called the Zigzags and Zinnias Tee. I got a medium, but I think I could have taken a small. It is a little big on me. I still love it, though!

Top: Anthropologie Zigzags and Zinnias Tee

Pants: The Limited Cassidy Flares Similar here.

Shoes: Rampage MaKenzie Sandal



  1. I am so looking forward to the "cold front", too! I feel like it might be possible to breathe outside then, yay! I'm totally caving for the Field Game Cardi today - I'm trying to be good, too, but that one is #1 on my wishlist, so I've just gotta get it! :)

  2. I tried to abstain from today's sale, though I may or may not get the Field Game in red when I visit my store this week to do some returns. What can I say, I'm weak :)

    I think the Zigzags and Zinnias tee is so pretty, and I love your earrings with it :)

  3. it's cute and fashion trendy...hope your head feels better soon . . . love ya sweet pea

  4. I purchased the Tiny Windows Dress in the pink colorway! Love it to pieces and plan on wearing on my birthday on Thursday! :)

  5. Yay! I'm excited to see more of your fitting room reviews. I like looser fitting tops in general, especially for hot weather. The top is great on you!

  6. That top is very cute! I like the fit on it. It is very chic.


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