OOTD: Floral Flounce Dress

I had a really hard time getting up this morning! I was spoiled after 3 days of sleeping late! Oh well, back to reality! I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to throw on, so I wore my Floral Flounce Dress from The Limited today. I got this in a size medium, and it fits great, so true to size for this one. The chiffon flowers on the shoulder make this dress special, and I'm a sucker for anything grey, especially this dark slate color. It comes with a built in lining, so it is not see through. Added bonus - This dress is only $40 right now. I think that is a great price for this dress! To complete my comfortable outfit today, I'm wearing my Anthropologie Sweet Wrap Sandals. These are the most comfortable shoes EVER! I haven't really gotten any compliments on these. I had one guy say they look "interesting", but I think that was a good thing, considering the source! LOL! They are very fashion forward so some people are going to think they look weird. Doesn't bother me! I laughing at them with every comfortable step I take!

Kim at Anthroholic has an awesome contest going on right now. If you enter, you have a chance at winning a really cute purse! Head over to anthroholic.blogspot.com and check it out!

Dress: The Limited Floral Flounce Dress

Shoes: Anthropologie Sweet Wrap Sandals



  1. Barbie :) Bonnie ...yea you always were ahead of the game on fashion...beyond your years...to bad i don't still get your hand me downs...lol....the cutest pictures i got growing up i was wearing your shirts and sweaters...and monica's sweater tee hee wonder if she ever found out we wore her stuff

  2. I just ordered the dress because it looks so cute on you! I love the bracelet too, where is it from?

  3. I can't express to you how flatered I am! You're like a blogging legend to me! LOL! The bracelet is from The Limited also. It's called the Nailhead Stretch Bracelet -http://www.thelimited.com/detail/nailhead-stretch-bracelet/1752602


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