Velvet Crush

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"But something good tonight will make me forget about you for now." - Alt J

A few months back I had my first ever experience of being sized out of a store. Let me tell you, it was a real confidence booster...
I don’t usually shop at Madewell because it’s not really my style but I fell in love with a skirt on a mannequin in the window. It was an adorable rose-colored crushed velvet mini skirt. I went in and grabbed the largest size they make in this store, a 14, and took it to the dressing room. I’ve never worn a 14 in my life (12 is as high as I’ve gotten so far) but when I held this skirt up, I could tell that it was questionable that even the 14 would fit me. On the mannequin it appeared that this skirt had an elastic waist but upon closer inspection that was not the case. It was zip up. I couldn't think of one good reason why this skirt should have a fucking zipper. It had such a relaxed bohemian vibe to it. The answer I assume is that this store is all about structured pieces (gross) but couldn’t they have just made this one thing with a comfortable elastic waist?!?
I was able to zip the skirt up and wear it Urkel style way above my belly button, but it felt so uncomfortable like that. I just really wanted this thing to have an elastic waist so I could wear it further down my waist. If I unzipped it a little bit and pulled it down slightly below my belly button, it looked so cute.😢
The dressing room attendant came by and asked if she could help me with a size. I told her I didn’t think they carried the size I needed. She said, “What size?” I said, “Larger than a 14.” She looked at me with pity on her face and said the social nicety equivalent of “We don’t serve your kind here.” I felt like Pretty Woman except instead of being a hoe, I was an even worse 3 letter word in the fashion world - fat.
It was a foreign and really bad feeling to not be able to wear the largest size a store sells. I’ve consoled myself with the theory that the skirt is meant to be worn really high on the waist (like it fit me) because I've noticed that high-waisted bottoms with boxy, cropped tops are making a comeback with the youngsters. They are giving me serious 90’s flash backs. Been there, done that and have no desire to go there again.
I spent the next several days scouring the Internets for a similar skirt with a comfortable elastic waist for an old fatty. I finally found one at a Canadian store called Simons. It wasn't as pretty as the one I fell in love with but it was only $11 so I figured what the hell. It arrived surprisingly quick from Canada and even though it didn't take my breath way, it did help me get over my crush on the skirt that just wasn't meant to be.



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