White Winter

Sweater: Anthropologie Intarsia Wrap Cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Parkway Convertible Top
Jeggings: Hue
Boots: Chooka
"I was following the pack all swallowed in their coats with scarves of red tied 'round their throats to keep their little heads from falling in the snow." - Fleet Foxes
We got some very rare snow here in my small town, so I took advantage and froze my butt off (I wish) to pose for these photos. However, my feet were nice and toasty thanks to 2 pairs of socks and my trusty rain boots. I don't like the cold, but I can get along pretty good if my feet are warm. It always amazes me how the fashion bloggers who live in colder climates manage to pose in the snow in pumps or sometimes even sandals. Those bitches are tougher than me. I start whining like a little baby when my feet get cold.
My hair looks super red in these photos. I guess it's the contrast of the white snow, because it's not like my hair has been freshly colored. In fact, this is 2 months post color-treated hair. Yep, I've been using that little root marker for all it's worth. I guess I better enjoy it while I can because the lady at the beauty supply shop said I bought the last one. Apparently, they have discontinued the color I use, and I'm starting to panic about what I'm going to do when this one runs out. It was the perfect match with my hair color. I don't want to have to go back to getting my hair colored every month. I know, first world problems.
Speaking of first world, anybody else been following the Olympics? I'm an Olympics junkie. Summer, Winter - I love 'em both! However, I was starting to get a little freaked out about this Olympics because of all the horror stories coming from the journalist trying to check into their hotels in Sochi. Hotels with no lobby, door knobs coming off in people's hands, and my personal favorite, the "beer colored" water that people were told not to wash their face in because it contains "something very dangerous." I was so relieved when the Olympics premiered on TV last night and all seemed normal. Although, Bob Costas was looking a little worse for wear with his infected eye. My sources on Twitter speculate that he must have washed his face in the water. 

White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes on Grooveshark



  1. Another Olympic fan here but will watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow night, can't wait though!

    Your cardigan goes so well with the snowy setting, love it and yes the hair looks more red in the photos.

  2. Try Amazon for beauty supplies. They have EVERYTHING!

  3. Jerry continues to be an artist with the lens. I would probably have gone one stop down under those conditions to avoid that little bit of facial washout but there's nothing wrong with these snaps. Very nice job by both of you.


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