Ms. Tighty Pants

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Tee: Old Navy
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

"And if the water's all wicking up your pant leg, better wear your britches tight." - The Decemberists

 Woo-whew! It's a nasty one out there today in my neck of the woods. It's rained, sleeted, and snowed so far, with more Wintery weather to come throughout the night. I hope it clears on out of here fast. We're suppose to pick up our new couch tomorrow morning. I have never owned a decent couch in my life, so I'm anxious to get it in the house and indulge in it's comfy softness. As for the old one, I think we might burn it and do some pagan dancing around it's fiery carcase. Seriously. It's the worst couch ever. I was so thankful that Jerry leaned forward and broke it on Christmas Eve, so we had an excuse to get a new one.

These pictures were taken last Thursday on a day much like today, minus the ice. In other words, it was cold, windy, and rainy. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, so I wore the most comfortable article of clothing I own: my Hue corduroy leggings. I must confess. I'm starting to get concerned that I'm getting addicted to my leggings. I've worn them to work 3 days this week: corduroy, then red colored ones, and finally denim. Don't be hatin'!. It's been cold and shitty outside, and my leggings have kept me warm and cozy. Besides, I know this is controversial, but I think leggings are just as good as pants as long as certain rules are followed.

It's simple really, leggings are a fine substitute for pants as long as your crotch area and butt cheeks are covered up. I don't care how slamming your body is, nobody wants to see your cracks and crevices in high definition. You get bonus points if your leggings are made out of substantial materials such as denim or corduroy. Also, it helps if they have real pockets and not the painted on kind. Oh, and let's get another thing straight, tights are not the same thing as leggings. My rule of thumb is if you can see through them then they're tights. In addition, it's a safe bet if they include "control top" in the description then they are tights, not leggings. If all else fails, though, just remember this new twist on an old saying: "Be kind, cover your behind."

Of course, all of this is just my opinion. I'm sure there are some who will say that leggings are never appropriate under any circumstances. To those people I say, I used to be one of you, but I have seen the light (or in this case, the tight). They may look uncomfortable, but they are anything butt [sic]. Truly, you don't know what you're missing. Two words: Elastic Waist. Oh, and one more: Lycra. It's like wearing pajamas to work but still looking put together. C'mon, bitches, live a little. Loosen up and tighten up those britches!        

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  1. I am very saddened by you saying you are having your cat declawed. You are cutting off a portion of their toes. And leaving them much more defenseless. There are alternatives that could have worked as well to protect your furniture.

    1. Oh no! I'm sorry. I honestly had no idea what was involved in the procedure. Lots of people have it done to their cats around here, so I thought it was ok. After I saw your comment, I did some research online, and I feel really bad now for having it done to my cat. I should have educated myself better beforehand. I would not have had it done knowing what I know now.

      I have removed the part about my cat from the post as not to offend anyone.

    2. Ummm...I think the issue isn't offending anyone, but rather, hurting an animal. Removing the words doesn't change the fact that you hurt your cat.

    3. Thank you for responding thoughtfully and taking the time to learn more about it. Please consider (if it isn't already) making your cat an indoor cat now that it is less able to defend itself.

    4. He is an indoor cat so no problem there.

  2. Sing it, Sister! Leggings are my new BFF's forever; in fact you entire outfit is essentially what I've been wearing all winter-toss in a dress or 4 (with leggings of course). And I'm with you, as long as all butt-cheeks and camel toe are covered, I'm all good. Love the gray/yellow color combo-not something I would have thought of, but it really looks lovely on you. Great outfit, great post!

  3. Aarrgh, how do you manage to wear a long open cardi like that without looking like you're wearing a tent?!

  4. Ok, I have one more rule to add. Anything flesh colored must be avoided at all cost - see attached link:

  5. Do you think they run true to size? I am between sizes based on their size chart but they look so comfy. Thanks!

  6. Love the color combos in this outfit! So pretty!

  7. Yes, I think they run true to size. I have several colors and have them in both medium and large. The ones in these photos are a large. The medium's look good as well, just a little snugger fit. The medium's fit more like a low rise on me and the large's fit like a high waist. Since I cover the butt and crotch area up with leggings, it really doesn't make that much of a difference to me.


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