Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Stripewise Chemise ($88).  I do love me a good loungewear dress, and I've had my eye on this one since it popped up online a few weeks ago. I think it will be a great staple for Spring and even on those not so hot Summer days. I tried it on in a size M, and I loved the fit. The material feels great and is nice and thick, so no worries about sheerness. The price is right too! I couldn't find anything I didn't like about this one. Added to my wish list.

Dakota Shirtdress ($128).  I had pretty much sworn off shirtdresses because I always have issues with the buttons pulling through the chest, but this one looked like it had potential. The size M fit great, and eureka!, there was no pulling of the buttons. I added a pop of color with this cute fox belt that I can't seem to find online. I was really digging this outfit, but I think that $128 is a little too much to pay for a plain shirtdress. I'm gonna wait it out until it goes on sale. Added to my wish list.

Ide Lace Skirt ($98).  I not a big fan of midi length skirts. In fact, I don't think I own a single one, but I just couldn't resist this pretty little lace number. I grabbed a small and it fit beautifully. Luckily, I was wearing my granny boots on this day, because they looked fantastic with the midi length. I already have an outfit envisioned in my mind incorporating this skirt. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the price. I was expecting it to be much more expensive. I plan on purchasing this one real soon. Added to my wish list.

Cross-Stitch Sectioned Pullover ($78) Mystery Sweatshirt by Saturday/Sunday. I can't seem to find this one online, so I've dubbed it the "Mystery Sweatshirt."   This was hanging in the loungewear section, and I found myself attracted to it for it's soft material and unexpected green stitching. The store did not have a medium, so I tried on the large. I quite liked the large even though the sleeves were a little on the long side. I think a bigger fit works with the laid back style of this top. Once again, I was smitten. I would add this to my wish list, if I could find the damn thing. Somebody, help a sister out!

Hestia Peplum Tee ($68).  I almost didn't take this top back to the fitting room with me, but I was intrigued, so I decided to give it a shot. I should have gone with my original instinct. I tried a size medium and the fit was horrible. It was too low cut, too tight, and the lines were terribly unflattering. I think this one was made for the skinny minnies, not the bumpy lumpies. Pass.

Easy Dolman Tee ($48).  I love the name of this one, because that's exactly what it is - an easy dolman tee. Very creative Anthro! Despite the lame name, it fits great, feels great, and comes in variety of beautiful colors. I was partial to this turquoise color, myself. It's just a great little tee to slip on anytime and go. I slipped on the medium in the fitting room, and I think I will be slipping it into my shopping cart very soon. Added to my wish list. 

Double-Play Henley ($48)  Oh, how I love this little tee. The fit was great in the medium, and I love how the back is slightly longer than the front. The thing the makes this one really special is the floral details on the buttons, pocket, and sleeve tabs. I ended up purchasing it and have already worn it several times. It literally goes with everything. Purchased.

 Fast Pitch Henley ($58)  This looked like a comfy and warm little tee, and once again, I was attracted to the turquoise blue color. The medium fit great, and I loved the touch of floral print on the henley placket. When it comes to Winter clothes, I'm all about comfort, so I just couldn't resist bringing this tee home with me as well. Purchased.

Intarsia Wrap Cardigan ($98)  I was super excited when I saw this sweater hanging in the store. I've been looking for a Winter cardigan with a geo-tribal print for a few months now. I saw one online at Old Navy but was disappointed in it in person. I was beginning to lose hope and then this beauty came into my life. It has everything I was looking for. It's long so I can wear it with leggings, it's warm but not bulky, it's made from cotton instead of wool, and the print is funky but not overpowering. I took it in a size medium as I do with most items from the brand Tiny. There was no way I was leaving the store without it. Purchased. 



  1. I always love your reviews. You covered all my bases in happy clothes-maxi-dress, oversized tops, and sweaters long enough to wear with leggings. :) Don't let that maxi dress and midi skirt get away from you-they look fantastic. In fact, I may need that maxi too-I've been eyeing it as well. Love the mystery sweatshirt as well-it's got that sexy/slouchy vibe that is incredibly cool.

  2. I like the first dress on you but I'm not sure about the shirtdress. Maybe it's the photo but it looks like it adds bulk around the middle. And the fit seems off. Too short waisted or something. Some of the tops look cute. As for the mystery sweatshirt, it's called the Cross-Stitch Sectioned Pullover. Looks like it's sold out online. I tried it on awhile ago. I thought it was kinda funky/interesting but my boyfriend thought it was awful so I passed. You definitely need to size down though if you get it.

  3. The mystery sweatshirt looks beautiful on you-- it's just the right amount of slouchy, and I agree, the longer sleeves make it extra-cozy. And that sweater is gorgeous! I love how you can keep it open and casual, or put a thick belt over it to dress it up a little. It looks so comfy, and the muted color makes the mixed prints seem cool, not crazy. Thanks for another great round of reviews!


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