Life One Day According to my Android

When I was little, I used to go to the NC State Fair every year with my mom and aunt. I remember tagging along as they ate, shopped, and looked at things for what seemed like an eternity. The fair was always the same, and so were my mom and aunt. They would make their rounds in the exact same order every year. It was a routine I became very familiar with. As I got older, my boyfriend would join us, usually a different one each year ;-), and I would split away from my mom and aunt to enjoy some much needed independence, as well as carnival rides and games with my latest flame. Once I turned 18 and started college, we stopped going. I guess my mom was burned out or maybe she felt like she no longer had an excuse to go once I was an adult. I don't know, but it's been over 15 years since my footsteps have graced the dirt paths of the NC State fairgrounds.
Despite our better judgment, Jerry and I decided to take our first trip in years to the NC State Fair this past weekend. Poor Jerry had been sick with the Flu for a week, and the last thing I needed was greasy, fatty food in my life. However, we woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday and said, "Fuck it, you only live once." Ironically, I wanted to go so I could do those exact same things my mom and aunt used to do: eat, shop, and look. I guess I'm officially old now. Of course, when we got there, we discovered that we had forgotten the camera. Bummer. I can't even count the number of times Jerry said, "I wish I had my camera." while we were there. I did manage to snap of few pics with my phone, though. I often see posts on much hipper blogs where they document their life with their Iphone. The poor Androids never get any love, so I thought it was about time someone gave them their due. May I present "A Day at the NC State Fair" brought to you by my Android (aka Poor Man's Iphone Post):
First stop, Roasted Corn. Mmm...I've been dreaming of this moment for years. Reunited at last.
Next stop, Fudge. This used to be my mom's favorite part of the day.

Then it was time for my favorite thing, The Garden Show. Even as a child, I loved walking around admiring the pretty flowers and exhibits. It was always so peaceful.

No stroll around the Garden Show is complete without a fudge break.

My favorite garden exhibit of the day: "Some Enchanted Evening." This picture doesn't do it justice.

Some soothing hot spice cider for the sick man in my life.

Eating yet again - Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Moonshine Sauce

I picked up this cute little guy for $1.50. He's a bookmark.

I've been telling Jerry he needed a catch-all for all the change and dog food he keeps in his pockets and dumps out on top of the dresser each night. Yes, he keeps dog food in his pockets.
I guess you never know when you might need to reward a dog.
Thankfully, he picked this up in the pottery tent, and we have a much neater dresser now.
I bought this dress for $20 from a very pushy gentlemen. I was holding it up to look at it and he grabbed it from me and said, "You buy!" He was kinda scary, so I did as I was told.
I love that it's size "Free." I needed a size Free after my day of eating everything in sight.



  1. Wow, that's so funny--I was actually at the NC state fair this weekend and my camera died after about 5 pictures! So frustrating. My phone camera is pretty lousy though, so I was SOL. But I was much less well-dressed than you anyway! ;-)

  2. The dress looks fabulous! I'd be pretty excited (though a little nervous about shoving my girls into a "one size fits all" kind of deal) about no size! Looks like it was a blast! Great pictures!


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