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"Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in." - The Postal Service

Yesterday, I took a day. I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need a day to get away from the world, a day to lounge around makeup-less and braless in my most comfy PJ's eating ice cream, reading a good book, and watching some mindless TV. I did that yesterday, and it was glorious. I downloaded all the episodes of the show "Girls" on HBO On Demand and had myself a "Girls" marathon. There was one episode where the main character and her boyfriend went out together for the first time. Usually they just stay indoors and have sex. Anyway, while they were out a lot of bad shit happened, so when they got back home the boyfriend said, "Let's just stay inside the rest of the day. Things are better when we don't go outside." I laughed way harder and longer than I should have at that line, but it was so funny to me because I could totally relate. It's so much easier to stay inside and not face the harsh light of day and all the stress, criticism, and frustration that comes with it. It was warm and safe in my bed yesterday morning. I felt like I could stay there forever and be happy, so I took a day, but just one day. Life has so much to offer, and most days it's worth the risk to go out there and experience some of the good stuff.

I received two emails today from readers of snark sites telling me how much they enjoy my blog. I had such a big smile on my face as I read them to Jerry. It's always nice to get compliments, but it's especially nice when you know they come from people who don't give them out easily. However, once the excitement wore off, my logical side kicked in. Hmm...two emails in one day from snark site readers...something must be up. It didn't take me long to find the catalyst. I have to say I knew it was coming. My last outfit post didn't get many comments. I figured it was a fail and most of you were being nice by not saying anything. Of course, a couple of people were more than willing to step up to the plate. One commenter said they weren't comfortable showing their lumps and bumps like me and another congratulated me on my "pussy belly." I tell ya, these people are obsessed with genitalia. I've been called "penis nose", my blog header has been said to look like pubic hair, and now I've got a "pussy belly." Next thing you know, they'll be saying my ears look like testicles, because you know, there's two of them and they just sort of hang there. In the snark site's defense, I understand that they were just trying to say that I shouldn't have worn an outfit that displayed my imperfections so noticeably. I see what they are talking about, but I don't agree. There's a hint of loose tummy skin, but it's not like I've got fat rolls for days. It's no secret that I don't have abs of steel. However, let's get one thing straight: my belly ain't no pussy! I got this belly by growing three beautiful children inside it. 

Ok, sorry, I got a little ragey there for a minute. Anyway, the point is I know I'm not perfect. I'm not trying to be. I approach this blog the same way I approach life. It would be so much easier to not put myself out here, but despite all the bad stuff, it can be very fulfilling. It's worth all the ridicule and rejection to get just one email that says, "I know how you feel." Whether it's something as simple as the same love for a particular dress or something as deep as having faced the same hurdle in life, human connections are what make life worth living. I know I've got issues mentally, emotionally, aesthetically, and the list goes on and on. For most of you mere mortals, I would think this would be something you can relate to. For the rest of you, I got nothing left to say. It's late, and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I want to sleep in to work on my belly.

The Postal Service - Sleeping In



  1. Hi Bonni, you made me laugh. All those names - you have some very visually creative readers!!
    How good is a day at home in your PJ's, no make up, watch dr Phil ( thats what I do on my day off) The world is a crazy place, your home is your sanctuary. The main thing is that you are soul searching and reflecting...some people dont have any insight to whom they are or they dont want to face who they are. Your on the right path, dont let anyone judge as they dont have any right anyway. Enjoy life

  2. I think it takes a hell lot of confidence to wear what you want and show your imperfections to the world. If anything i think its HOT! I have the same body type as you and i didnt even have no babies. I bet the people who trash talk would probably never walk up to you and tell the mean things they post on comments. If they ever build up the courage to, you should just punch them in their boob.

  3. You look absolutely stunning in these shots! I love your hair like this - very elegant! Plus, I need this dress!

  4. What the heck is wrong with people? I mean, REALLY?

    You are beautiful, Bonnie. Don't let some cowardly bully behind their computer screen anonymity ever convince you otherwise.

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress!! And I agree with Chrissy, love your hair like that. Love the entire look!
    I was wondering... how is your little cutie Nessie? Would love to hear how she is doing.

  6. Testicle. Ears. Because you have two of them, and they just hang there! AWESOME!! I have an un-neutered greyhound, and his balls are always right there, dangling and shining, for all the world to see. From now on all I will be able to think of them as will be BonnieEars. Great. :)
    Love the dress, BTW, not everyone would be able to pull of that bodice. You rock it.

  7. hee their boob...Le - funny!

  8. I LOVE everything about this post - your makeup and hair, the outfit and the location. Very very nice, Bonnie! (:

  9. You look great in this dress. This post made me smile!

  10. LOL! I doubt anyone will ever say it to my face. I can't even get any of them to send me a picture of themselves.

  11. Thanks, Roslie. Nessie is great! I'll try to do a post with her soon.

  12. I know, right? I was walking around Walmart yesterday and thought if I'm lumpy and flabby what does this make all these other people. Every single person who walked by me was overweight and most of them looked pretty normal to me, not like some hideous creatures to point and laugh at (I know, shocking for Walmart). I'm not even overweight. Just because my stomach doesn't look like a washboard I'm a object of ridicule. What kind of message is that sending? We have to be perfect to be accepte?. I don't want my little girl to live in a world with values like that.

  13. Hahahahaha! Lisa, I do believe you are crazier than me! I'm honored to know you will think of me everytime you look at your dog's balls. ;-)

  14. Yes, they are very, um, creative... We'll just leave it at that.
    Yes, my home is definietly my sanctuary. Reminds me of this quote:
    “A room is a place where you hide from the wolves outside and that's all any room is.”
    ― Jean Rhys

  15. OMG...I cracked up reading this post. I cannot even believe someone would have the audacity to call you "p#$$%" belly. Where in the heck to people come up with these crazy names? Anyway, I love the outfit you have on this this post. You look beautiful with your hair pulled up like that. And your legs are to die for. I also love taking a day to myself every now and then, just to bum around in my pj's all day. Everyone needs that from time to time. :)

  16. This may be the most gorgeous set of photos you two have produced to date. Photo #3 is absolutely wonderfful...the composition, framing, variation in contrast, pose--all are just perfect!


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