Mullet is the New Black

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Pants: Pilcro High-Waisted Flares - Size 28
Jewelry: The Limited

"In my dream I was almost there and you pulled me aside and said you're going nowhere....So I wait my turn, I'm a modern man." - Arcade Fire

I absolutely fell in love with this top when I saw it in the May Anthropologie catalog. The print is gorgeous and the asymmetrical hem is so unique. One of my co-workers who reads my blog asked me if this look was called the side mullet. I laughed and said, "Yes, I suppose it is. Don't you know? Mullet is the new black." I paired the blouse with my Pilcro flares and my super tall heels from Lucky Brand. Unlike it's follicle faux pas counterpart, the side mullet blouse is very chic and elegant. Speaking of follicles, I opted for a messy bun. I thought it fit the vibe of the outfit well and showed off my favorite pair of dangling earrings.

My mission for this photo shoot was to recreate the catalog shot that featured this blouse. It's one of the most stunning pictures I've seen in awhile. However, I didn't have anything remotely close to that fabulous chair that's in the catalog photo. I needed something interesting to sit on, so I decided to try this bench behind our office. I'm sad to say we falied miserably.

So, the big news in Anthroland is the Spring clearance sale tomorrow. I just received an email stating that the stores will be open 1 hour early for Anthro members. Unfortunately, I can't get to a store tomorrow morning, but you best believe I will be scoping things out online. My wishlist is quite lenghty at the moment, so it would be nice to have some of those items go on sale. In particular, I'm really hoping the Mirror-Dotted Maxi and the Brimming Borders Mini-Dress finally get marked down. If not, I'll just keep on waiting. I'm used to waiting at this point. Yes, house, I'm looking at you.    

Modern Man - Arcade Fire



  1. This is a gorgeous outfit! I love the pants and the shoes in particular. Your hair always looks so pretty up too. Okay, is it me or do those star patterns on the top (the red ones) look like they are in a not so good place? The top is beautiful otherwise. I don't know why they have to put big ol' patterns in places that make them look like...well...wonky nipples. Okay, there, I said it.

    I'm scoping out the anthro sale tomorrow too, though I really shouldn't. I don't have time to go to the store tomorrow so I'll have to check it out online too. Go get that Endpoint Dress, Bonnie! No wonkiness there! :)-

  2. Hi Bonnie. I read your blog often but have never posted before. I had to come out of hiding to tell you that you look REALLY pretty with your hair pulled back. I really like your whole look in these pictures, particularly the 2nd picture.

  3. I tried on that Chevron print dress that everyone said you should buy. Don't buy it! The print is flattering and that's what we all saw in the photo. But gosh, the fit is bizarre. It's a shame because it could be cute. I don't know. Maybe you can somehow make it work with a belt, although I think a belt ruins the lines of it. Anyhow, I can see why you didn't like it initially. It's just not cut right. Save your money for something else or else wait until it hits sale. I think it will eventually hit the sale racks because of the bizarre fit.

  4. would love to see this top paired with dark-wash jeans! very cute.

  5. Looooove those shoes!

  6. Oh no...I see it too. :-(
    Yes, I don't know why..when they make tops,etc..that they aren't more particular with the pattern placement.

  7. Thanks! Me too! Oh, and I got them for only $65 plus free shipping. I found them on sale at, plus I found a coupon code. They were $100 at Modcloth.

  8. I'll do that next time just for you. :-)

  9. Yeah, that was my and Jerry's conclusion as well. It's cute from the front, but not so cute from the side, and I agree about the belt. This print just doesn't lend itself to belting. Thanks for the input!

  10. Thanks, Daisy! I'm so glad you came out of hiding! I hope to hear from you more often!

  11. "Et, tu, Brute?" It's so funny. I knew someone was gonna to comment about the wonky nipples, but I didn't think it would be you. You're always so nice, Catherine...LOL!

    Honestly, I didn't notice it until a few seconds before I hit publish. I'm so paranoid now about what patterns or shapes or what the hell else people are going to find that I said to myself when giving the post one last look, "You know, someone is going to say something about the pattern looking like nipples." I think it shows up in the picture more than it does in real life, but I'm definitely going to have to look next time I put it on. I'm not usually particular about pattern placement, but now that something has been said about it, I might have to exchange it for one with a less wonky pattern the next time I'm in the store.

  12. Oh now! I'm still syrupy Catherine or whatever that one nasty person called me. I tried to be careful with how I told you about the wonkiness! :) It is a beautiful top with gorgeous fabric. It's just that whatever dumbass was cutting the fabric wasn't thinking of a woman's body when they were doing the cutting. And 'dumbass' is my word of the day after nearly getting side swiped by a dumbass in a Hummer.

    I am always looking at pattern placement. I get a little paranoid about anything that makes my boobs stand out, which is probably why I noticed this.

    P.S. Get anything at the sale?

  13. Hi! Lurker here, first time poster. I've wishlisted that top since I saw it too! Catherine's comment about the wonky nipples made me laugh...but you know that I'm focussed on it, aaaagh!
    Nope! Still love it. Also enjoyed your recreation of the magazine shot, that's the one that sold long can we drape ourselves like that though :) ?
    I drifted over here again as I was on Ebay and think someone ripped off your pictures -
    I sell my own stuff on Ebay and get cranky with lazy sellers...
    Ok, just thought it might be nice to post rather than lurk and read.


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