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Dress: Anthropologie Spring Ready Dress - Size S
Shoes: Seychelles Bette Flats
Necklace: Tree and Kimble

"Collect your novel petals for the stem and glow, glow, melt, and flow. Eviscerate your fragile frame and spill it out on the ragged floor. A thousand different versions of yourself." - The Shins 

I've sat at this screen for hours now trying to organize my thoughts. I'm not having any luck. I really need some sleep. Enjoy the pictures and music. Good night.
The Shins - Sleeping Lessons



  1. you have a good taste in music Bonnie! I've been able to find new favorite artists through your blog like "The National" I had never heard of them before your blog!!

  2. Pretty! I love green and the shoes are just perfect. I may have to hunt them down.

  3. Bonnie, you look beautiful in these shots. The third picture is my favorite. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. That necklace is spectacular! Beautiful outfit.

  5. "A picture is worth a thousand words"... Beautiful photos conveying beautiful mood. I love your dress (you definitely have lots of green in your closet), shoes and the background covered in rose petals. stunning!


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