Stopping to Smell the Flowers

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Sweater: Anthropologie Jet Stream Cardigan - Size M
Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots
Earrings: Tree and Kimble

"I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart." - The Lumineers

I find myself wanting a great deal of things these days. My wish list at Anthro is as long as ever, there are at least 5 different pairs of shoes out there on the Internets that are calling my name, and I have even managed to find a few non-Anthro clothing items that have struck my fancy. In my defense, I have not sought out these items. Well, maybe some of the Anthro ones but that's not the point. The point is the advertisers make it all too easy. Yeah, it's all their fault! I receive a deluge of emails on a daily basis, and of course, there's those creepy advertisements on the web that know where you have been and haunt you with items of websites past.

If all those wants weren't enough, there are many, many things that I want for the new house. Oh, speaking of the house, I want to close, and I want to close now, dammit! Today was suppose to be our closing day, but the stupid paperwork is taking longer than expected. Oh, and have I mentioned that we are getting a puppy in 2 weeks? Yeah, I wanted a puppy, and now that I'm going to get one, I want things FOR the puppy. All this wanting is driving me crazy! It's exhausting! What's a girl to do?

I'll tell you what: stop and smell the flowers right in front of me. I'm so busy thinking and stressing about the next set of things I'm going to accumulate that I can't even enjoy what I've got right now, and what I've got right now is pretty good. Yes, it's fun to get stuff, but in the end, it's just stuff. After all, I gave up most of my stuff to be where I'm at today. When it came down to happiness, stuff didn't even factor into the equation. So, when my crazy consumer brain gets the best of me, I remind myself of this.

Tonight, I'm going to do some of the things that truly make me happy. I'm going to spend time with my sweetheart. We're going to eat junk food on the couch, talk about our day, and watch some good TV. Besides, if we don't close on this house soon, I'm going to eat so much junk food that I won't be able to fit into all those clothes I want. Two birds with one stone. Problem solved.

I love this quote by Epicurus: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

The Lumineers - Ho Hey



  1. I think we spend so much of our lives living in fast forward. It is good to slow down and take time to enjoy the moment. Your evening on the couch sounds wonderful!

    This outfit is adorable!

  2. So in love with this woman.

  3. Nice post....and I "want" as well. *sigh* Thanks for the sweet reminder...BTW - I HATE that I don't have those earrings.....;) They are gorgeous and, if memory serves, your sweetheart got a few pieces from the same artist. Just a little "jellie" here. ;) You look beautiful. Cheers! Sherry

  4. I think this is part of our culture. I also find myself wanting everything and now! Like the Queen song: "I want it all and I want it now" lol
    When I lived out of the country I had a different mentality and I honestly missed that. I was happier in a sense because it seems like I"m putting happiness in material things :/

    I really like seeing your outfits, especially new items from Anthropologie because I totally lost interest in even looking at their website but for example this dress looks way cute, but I was so not impressed with the online pictures! You are the bridge between me and Anthropologie 2012 lol


  5. Thanks for the nice post! Great reminder...

    I'm always making lists of what I "want" and love being able to cross things off...Of course, just when the list is all crossed out, I've started another one to chip away at!

    It's nice to take a break and enjoy what you have...I forget this all too often :)

  6. I totally, totally hear you. Before I even had my first horse home, I wanted the second. The size of our land is the only thing that keeps me from purchasing a third, a fourth...yikes! So, I lull my 'want' gene with horse stuff: books, tack, treats...when will the madness end (my husband wonders)??? Tell me ALL about the puppy!!!!

  7. Hi Bonnie! I LOVE this dress! It looks so cute on you!!!
    I am hoping to snag this dress at some point, too!! =+)

  8. Thanks! It looks like chances are pretty good that you could score one on second cut. It's been on sale for awhile and there are still plenty of sizes left online. I couldn't wait! LOL!

  9. Good to know I'm not the only who succumbs to the madness.

    The puppy is a Scottish terrier. It's a girl. She will be 8 weeks when we pick her up. I've always wanted a Scottie, so I decided to just go for it. I see a lot of plaid dog items in my future...

  10. Oh, I'm a list person too. Glad I could remind you to appreciate the here and now.

  11. Yes! A Scottie. We're going to name her Nessie.

  12. I wish I didn't get so caught up in all the materialism but it's such a big part of American culture. I'm hoping moving to the country coupled with getting older will help me get away from all that.

    LOL! Glad I could be your Anthro bridge! I know a lot of people aren't feeling Anthro so much these days, but I still love their items as much as ever.

  13. Yes, my sweetheart hooked me up on Valentine's Day. I'm so glad he did because she has closed up shop for a little while. :-(

  14. It is good to slow down every once in awhile. I have to constantly remind myself to do it, but I'm so glad when I do. Thanks for the outfit love!

  15. I think these pics are simply gorg! Can't wait to see the first photo shoot with the pup. (:

    p.s. Thanks for sharing that lovely quote.

  16. Beautiful things have always entranced us, captured our imaginations, inflamed our lust for objects. I completely understand wanting things, and wanting, and wanting and wanting more.

    And...oh, as soon as Nessie arrives, please, please post some cute puppy pix! :-)


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