Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

It's that time once again! It's time for Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews or as some people like to call it "Guess Which Items Bonnie Will Choose by Picking Out the Ones that Look Hideous on Her." So, get out your scorecards, and let's see how many you get right this time!

Ever Placid Top ($68). The name of this top makes me giggle like a school girl. Oh wait, that's flacid I'm thinking of not placid. Oops, my bad! I made a list last week of 4 things that I wanted to try on in the store and this top was one of them. Once in the store, I actually had to seek it out. I felt like I was on an Easter Egg hunt. I finally spotted it after walking around the store craning my neck looking on all the bottom shelves. I hate how Anthro has those secret bottom shelves on their display tables that you can only see if you're standing on your head. The grey slub knit and comfort factor are what drew me to this top. The store was all out of smalls, so I tried on a medium. Both myself and the SA agreed it was too big. Even in the larger size, I absolutely loved this top. It's so soft, and it has long sleeves! Eureka! I have the hardest time finding long sleeved shirts in the winter. I placed an online order in the store for a size small in this top, and it's on its way to me now via free shipping!   

Striped Intersection Top ($98). This is not a top I had a desire to try on. It's so not my style, but the SA seemed to think I would love it. I gave it a go in a size small, and I was not impressed. The fit was fine, but I felt like a candy striper. Correction: a cross eyed candy striper with crazy hair. Say that 5 times real fast. Pass.

Warmth and Respite Cardigan ($88) and Scalloped Perimeter Belt ($48). This sweater was another item I had on my list. I knew I would love this as soon as I saw it online. It's the perfect sweater for a cardigan whore. Green? Check. Cotton? Check. Cute ruffle at the bottom? Checkmate. Thanks goodness for Guinevere! That brand always comes up with the most awesome cotton sweaters. If my skin could sing, its favorite song would be "We Laugh Indoors" by Death Cab For Cutie. "I loved you Guinevere..." Ok, enough of that, back to the review. I tried the sweater on in a size small and loved it just as much as I thought I would. If I had to pick out a negative it would be the sleeves. I wish they were long instead of 3/4 length, but it's nothing a good 'ole long sleeved shirt can't resolve. The belt is yet another item that was on my list. This was the last one left in the store. The SA said they had been flying off the shelves, so I felt fortunate that the last one was in my size, medium. It was fate I tell ya! I purchased both of these items. I know, get out your calculators and tell me how bad I've been.

Lakshya Cardigan ($88). I couldn't resist the beautiful embroidery on this little cardigan, so I had to bring it back to the fitting room with me. Once I got it on, I felt pretty blah about it, and it was a little too boxy in shape for my liking. This is a size small. Pass.

Cavendish Sweater ($148). This was the 4th and final item on my list. I literally gasped when I saw this sweater online. I absolutely loved the colors, and it looked so warm and cozy. I was praying to the Anthro gods that they would have this sweater in the store, and they did! However, I was a little disappointed when I saw it because I noticed some metallic threads woven into it. I'm not a big fan of metallic, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I'm so glad I did! The metallic threading is not overdone and adds a little something, something to this sweater. There was no way I wasn't bringing this home with me, so I decided to spend the rest of my monthly budget and make it mine. No more Anthro for me until next month! 

Constant Salutation Top ($78). This little top reminded me of a maternity top I got from A Pea in the Pod when I was pregnant with my daughter. I loved that top. It was one of those tops that shows off the bump rather than hide it. I practically lived in it during my pregnancy. So, for sentimental reasons I had to give this one a try. I tried on a size small, and the fit was very flattering to my curves, but the best part about it was the asymmetrical neckline. Loved it! This is a size small. Wishlisted.

Melodious Cardigan ($98). I thought this was such a cute sweater, but I was unsure about the color for me. Once I got it on, I really loved the color and the fit, but not enough to pay $98 for it. This is a size small. Wishlisted for sale.

Brushed Terra Dress ($148). This type of dress is right up my alley. It has a very interesting texture and the fit is divine. I've read some reviews that complain about the drab color and the pattern reminding them a little too much of grandma's drapes. Well, call me old fashioned because I happen to like the pattern. The color doesn't bother me either, but the SA brought up a good point. He said this dress was very basic and the color made it hard to "juzz up." I tried on a size medium. Wishlisted pending juzzing up ideas. 

Fluttering Flora Dress ($148). This is the exact same dress as the Brushed Terra above, just a different color and print. Once again, a great fit in a size medium, and it looks smoking with the Braided Plait Belt.  I love how the slip is shorter than the dress, letting some light through the beautiful pattern. I went back and forth between this dress and the Brushed Terra. I asked 3 SA's and Jerry which one they liked better and the unanimous vote was this one.

Sorted Stripes Dress ($178). I don't know what on earth possessed me to try on this dress, but here I am in all my glory. Laugh it up! Horizontal stripes on this figure are never a good idea. Some of those poor stripes looked like they were hanging on for dear life, especially the ones in the chest region. Aside from the stripes, the shape of this dress is horrible on me. Just look at those thunder thighs! This one is wrong on so many levels. Pass.

Swing Away Dress ($158). I've heard good things about this dress, so I wanted to try it on for myself. It just didn't work on me. This is a size 6, and it was huge. I know that's the way it's suppose to fit, but it did not do me any favors. I tried belting it but that didn't help either. Pass.



  1. I actually like the striped dress on you, Bonnie. You look very va-va-va-voom in it. It flaunts what you got. :)

  2. We need NEED to see the Cavendish sweater styled with that belt. PLEASE.

  3. What a great bunch of try-ons! The cardigan and belt are really great, and I like the constant salutations top too. The dresses (brushed tera and fluttering flora, WTF with the names, Anthro?) are gorgeous. Now I'm tempted, again!

  4. I kinda like the striped dress on you! Very sexy and grown up. Kind of like you know what your shape is and you are embracing it kinda dress.

  5. Hey Bonnie! Love that fluttering flora dress on you! Did you try sizing down to a 4 in the Swing Away dress? I have that and love it! I wear it with skinny jeans. I had to size down in it. I really love the boho look of that dress, the sweet little embroidered flowers with a touch of silver in them. It is swingy and big but in a good way, I think. :) I kind of want the black one too. Hoping it goes on sale soon! The Flavia Shift is on my wish list though too. I love the retro vibe of that dress.

  6. I think the striped dress is good, also.

  7. you look really pretty when your phone is blocking your nose

  8. i was thinking about buying the Scalloped Perimeter Belt ,but wasn't sure what size i should get, i think i'm the same size as you did you get a M or L?

  9. Me too- that striped dress looks fabulous on a figure with curves!

  10. LOL! Thanks! I told Jerry that everyone would say the striped dress looks awesome on me. I think these fitting room pictures are deceiving. Trust me, it was awful. I wouldn't even walk out of the dressing room with it on. Jerry came in, looked at it, and agreed that it was not flattering. It also breaks one of Stacy and Clinton's rules: the stripes should not be warped or stretched. I know that person that hates Stacey and Clinton is cringing right now, but it had to be said!

  11. Thanks, Catherine! Me too! I thought about sizing down in the Swing Away, but the material was itchy to me, so I decided it wasn't worth the effort. I can definitely see the appeal, though. It's a very cute dress! I'm glad it worked for you!

  12. Oh, Jessica. I knew you would! Sorry, but I don't agree. I think this dress is all wrong for my shape. It emphasizes all the wrong things. For me, skin tight does not equal grown up. I like a little bit of frump! ;-)

  13. Thanks! Those dresses are really great! I loved both of them!

  14. Great reviews Bonnie! I love the Cavendish Sweater too, it's got such a nice relaxed shape and you can toss it over anything.

  15. I love the Constant Salutation top and the Fluttering Flora dress! You definitely rock those, Bonnie :)
    Merci beaucoup for the reviews!

  16. What jeans are you wearing? Looking fab with those boots that I envy so...

  17. Long time lurker... finally coming out to say hello!

    First of all, let me just say you have the *cutest* figure!! You can pretty much wear anything!! You look adorable in all of these :)

    ... but I think I like the Fluttering Flora dress best! Good choice by Jerry & the sales associates ;)

    That said, I hope to start commenting more. I really like and appreciate this blog and it's really helping me gain some self-confidence in trying to put together more "eclectic" outfits (although only a small percentage of my wardrobe is Anthro!) Thank you thank you thank you for all you write & post here!


  18. You tried on many of my faves. My store had tones of new stuff out today. I own the Constant Salutation top and the Ever Placid. Finding long sleeves in winter is tough :(. The Cavendish is beautiful isn't it? You didn't mention what size you took? You picked the best ones to take home :)

  19. I agree - that striped dress looks AWESOME on you! It shows off your curves and I think it makes you look super skinny (in pics anyway). But if YOU don't feel good in it, then I understand why you would pass. And I agree with the SAs and Jerry about the Fluttering Flora Dress. The solid color and belt make you look so little (which I know you must be as I know how small those clothes are that you wear - I wish I could!!). Anyway - nice post and helpful reviews... I love it that you like to spend all of your allowance. I do too!!! There was a financial specialist I saw once and he said to always spend all of your money every month. Just make sure that some of what you spend is spent on savings.... so you go girl! xoxo

  20. Count me as the third person who thinks the striped dress looks good on you. Screw the rules! ;-)

  21. The Sorted Stripes Dress looks great on you!


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