Garden Party

"I'm a stem now, pushing the drought aside, opening up, fanning my yellow eye." - Feist

The sleepiness from last night has continued. I have taken 2 naps today. It's like I can't get enough sleep. I guess I'm going through a growth spurt or something. LOL! I was going to post the winner of my giveaway today, but my naps have interferred with that, so I promise I will announce it first thing in the morning. Other than sleeping, I did a little bit of cleaning, took care of the kids while my husband did yard work, and then went out for a photo shoot.

I noticed this little field of daffodils the other day. It's beside a house down the road from where I live. I knew I'd better get some pictures with them this weekend, because they will probably be gone next weekend. It's a shame daffodils don't last longer. They are so pretty. I'm wearing the Garden Party dress that I ordered on sale last week. I put a cropped cardigan over it since it's still a little chilly out, but also, I wanted to somewhat define a waist. I really like the way this looks. One of my friends saw the pictures I uploaded on Flickr and told me she didn't like the dress. What do you guys think? I only wore it for the photo shoot today, so I can still take it back. Right now, I'm leaning towards taking it back. Even though I like it, I think I can get something better for the money.

Today's song is "How My Heart Behaves" by Feist. I looked up the meaning of the song and found an interpretation that I really like. After reading it, this song is even more beautiful to me. Sorry, it's a long one:
"I think the metaphors are being used to describe someone's heart that has been detached for a long time. She finally meets someone that has instilled something beautiful in it. Hence the opening verse. (what grew, what grew..) When describing her new love, she describes their shoulder as a mooring for them. In other words, this new love/person has come in and given her stability. Again, the sea is a metaphor for how lost she was when it came to love and matters of the heart. But, since past experiences exist, its hard to trust this beautiful feeling. This is where the chorus sets in. Based on experience and resilience, she can either have a cold heart or a calm heart that can be easily broken. The second verse describes her rebirth. She uses the earth and the elements to describe how long she has gone on without love. "Drought" becomes a strong metaphor.. the new love that is growing, is now pushing aside her past. She is now growing and has become the flower that has been brought to life by love, she basks in her nature as someone does when they fall in love. She no longer is lost in the sea but is now on a ferry - she can watch the waves. When someone knows they are in love or have found love, they become more conscious of their surroundings. Everything becomes heightened. This is where illumination sets in. This is when she is conscious of her feelings and how strong she feels and how much more hurtful it can be now that she feels this way."

I'll be back tomorrow with the announcement of the winner of the necklace, a review of those sandals I got from Anthro this week, and another outfit of the day. Have a great night!










Dress: Anthropologie Garden Party Dress
Sweater: Old Navy
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Ring: The Limited



  1. I actually never paid any attention to that dress online because it seemed shapeless. But I love it on you! The colors and print look so cute. Good call on the cardigan. I think I'm reconsidering that dress.

    Complex Cardigans

  2. I like the dress! I think it might look better with the sweater unbuttoned or one with a deeper v so you could see more of the colors of the dress, but otherwise, it is a keeper.

  3. I think the neckline of the dress and the shapelessness will make it hard to work with. And I think you could use the money to something you love more, like the Sail Shapes Dress which I thought looked great on you!

  4. Those boots are my FAVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Great outfit!

  5. Take the dress back. You should LOVE it. If not, return it. You will always find something else to buy. Think about how happy you were with your new should love it that much or it's not worth it.

  6. I love the dress, myself. But I agree with Lisa.... if you are not in love, take it back. For the $$ you could get something you love. You are gorgeous in that field - but that is nothing new! ;) xoxo

  7. YOU are beautiful as always! I'm honestly not a fan of the dress. Please go back to that field before the flowers are gone for more pics. You always look fabulous in green, and I think that green dress or tee of yours would look wonderful with the yellow flowers!

  8. I think it's cute! Maybe unbutton the cardigan though? Love all these pretty pictures...the flowers are so spring like!!!

  9. It's impossible to say whether I like the dress or not, because as usual your photos are so beautiful. So, I guess I'll echo the others who say, trust your own instincts - if you don't love it, send it back. But, wow - super pretty photos. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. I think the dress will get a second cut because of the fit. I think you should return and then get it at second cut. It's definitely worth it at second cut!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful setting! It was a super gorgeous day yesterday. I was in the Raleigh area for a bridal shower and didn't want to stay inside! I will echo what many others have said: It's a pretty dress, but if you are on the fence about it, take it back and get something you are totally in love with.

  12. I love that dress- without the cardi though (though it does look cute with the cardi too- just better without). I loved how you had it in the review, with the boots and no belt or cardi. It is different from stuff you normally wear but is gorgeous on you, very retro chic! I think you should keep it!

  13. These pictures have me wishing that someone would invite me to a Garden Party. So lovely next to all the blooming daffodils! I really like that you countered the sweetness of the dress with your tall boots. I think the dress looks fantastic on you, but if it's not calling your name, maybe you can find something that you love more?

  14. To make a sort of obvious and none of my business comment but, um, are you sure there isn't a particular reason for you being so sleepy? Like a surprise...? :)


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