Had a Good Day

Something miraculous happened today readers. My mom understands why I do my blog and she approves! I can't believe it! I'm in tears I'm so happy! She called me this morning to see if I would make my famous fish stew for dinner if she picked up the groceries. I said "sure" since I didn't have anything else on my busy schedule except a bizzillon loads of laundry. She came over early to help out with the kids. I needed her to sew a button back on my Wightwick Manor Dress. I'm no good at sewing, but my mom's hands are getting so numb (she has a neurological disorder), she can't sew very well anymore, so she walked me through it. It was pretty easy. I don't know why I haven't tried to do it myself all these years! Anyway, we were talking while I was sewing, and I was telling her about the recent drama on my blog. I told her how I received emails from people all over the world who told me how much they enjoyed reading my blog. I think this impressed her! LOL! I explained to her that since I've been going through such a rough patch lately, I'm trying to find little things to make me happy. I told her that this blog was one of them. She finally "got it!"

Today's photo shoot was "interesting." First, I haven't washed my hair since Thursday, and I didn't feel like doing it today, so I knew I had to pull it back. Problem was, there was a freezing cold gale force wind blowing today. So, I put a hat on to keep my head warm. The rest of the outfit just came together after I put the hat on. I'm trying to mix things together from my closet in different ways since I can't buy anything new until February. I don't think it's the greatest outfit ever, but I tried. Anyway, as we were walking out the door to take photos, my husband told me he hated the hat. "Oh well", I told him, "I like it, so I'm wearing it." We rode the golf cart to my dad's grain bins a little ways behind our house. It was freezing, and the wind was blowing ridiculously hard! I posed in front of one of the grain bins and put my hand on the cold metal ladder and my husband gets this disgusted look on his face and says, "I can't stand that hat." Wow, way to give me some postive energy for this freaking cold photo shoot. I told him to just take some darn pictures! So, he did. LOL!

When we got inside, I uploaded the pictures to my computer. I was cooking while they were uploading. My mom walked over to the computer looked at the pictures and said, "That hat is the bomb." I kid you not! LOL! I don't know what happened to my mom today, but I like it! As I cooked, we continued to talk and had a really good conversation about many different topics. When the fish stew was done, we all ate and my mom said, "another triumph, my dear." (My mom loves the movie "A Christmas Carol" and watches it ever night. That's a line from the movie.) Today was a good day!

My song of the day is from my favorite band Death Cab For Cutie. This song reminds me of today because it talks about blustery days. It's from one of their older albums called The Photo Album. Enjoy!

GrainBins 052

GrainBins 055

GrainBins 046

GrainBins 015

GrainBins 038

Blouse: Anthropologie Diaphanous Tunic

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Pilcro Cohort Cords

Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Hat: Sears

Purse: Anthropologie Musamman Tote

Earrings: Anthropologie Cloud Cover Earrings



  1. bonnie, i LOVE the outfit - and i'm so glad that you and your mom were able to have a good conversation. :)

  2. I love the hat on you! And the tote is just adorable! Try to stay warm. :)

  3. Sounds like a great day, Bonnie! And how nice about your mom- that must have meant so much to you. And I think the hat looks nice, lol!

  4. I'm so glad your mom finally understood why you do the blog. My mom passed away 5 years ago and I miss her every day. She would LOVE a blog.

  5. That hat is pretty bomb...it's also pretty phat and dope!

  6. Super cute! The hat is great and you wear it well! I had to chuckle when you mentioned how strongly your husband felt about your hat, because my husband does the same thing! I ask him for constructive criticism in such cases to suss out if it's because the item is not flattering on me or if it's just something he would hate on anyone! If he is really vehement, as he is with puffed sleeves (I love!), then I know it's vendetta against all puffed sleeves, not just on me :) Like you I have to sometimes just go ahead. I'll then sneak the offending item into an outfit and sometimes get a compliment from him, and smile to myself :) Sometimes it's good to rely on one's gut (I'm too often easily swayed by others' opinions! esp. the hubster! So I admire that you just forge ahead!). Saskia

  7. Oh btw I also have the diaphanous tunic and love how you styled it--I'll have to give that a try. And that's great your mom finally 'gets' it! It's nice when anyone, esp. parents, gets something you're excited/passionate about :)

  8. Good on you Bonnie love the photography and outfit! have a great weekend!

  9. I am sure it had to be good day:) And the photos are so good, but your photos are always so good. I`m especially impressed that you look so calm and nice even if your photographer did not support you enough - I mean this part about the hat which is cute.

  10. LOVE the hat, so cute, totally understand throwing a hat on when you have greasy hair. I am also happy that you had a good day and that you had a good time with your mom, as someone who has had an up and down relationship with their mom I am thrilled for you!

  11. your bag is like a perfect match to the whole outfit - wowzers! So happy about you and your Mom having a good talk!

  12. sounds like a great day! I'm glad you and your Mom had a good talk - that's awesome. I love all your outfits, and posts, but I think this is my favorite - maybe it's the positive energy in the post (and how something as simple as sewing, laundry, making dinner) can provide the most happiness, but I also think it's the HAT! I love the hat on you, and when your bag makes an appearance in the later photos, and the grey running through it, and the browns matching your outfit perfectly, I swooned a little. Perfection!!

  13. Yay! Something good came out of the drama then Bonnie - your Mum finally gets it! It's nice to hear that you received other emails as well, I wanted to reach out to you personally and it's great to see others felt the same. I'm glad your Mum is on board, will she start to log on and read the blog do you think?

    I'm sat here at 1:25pm on Sunday afernoon in jogging bottoms and an adidas hoodie as I'm shattered after a 12 mile cross country run this morning - you look so lovely in these pictures, casual and weekend appropriate that I feel slightly ashamed for using exhaustion as an excuse to slob out!

  14. yay for good days :)
    I have a hat like that and love it, my husband doesn't like mine either, must be a guy thing!

  15. Oh, that hat is cool!! I find your outfit today has a very victorian feel to it. Perhaps it's the hat, or the pink fills, or your boots, I can't really point to one. It reminds me of those riding gears those ladies at that time probably wear:)) But I love this outfit. Very different, part retro, part romantic, pink and brown go so well together:))
    Got to try something similar one day, and hope I can pull it off!

  16. Your hat IS da bomb. I'm so glad to hear that your mother is able to see things from your perspective. From your previous posts, I know how much that means to you, and your relationship with her.

    Also, I'm just catching up on some long overdue blog reading, so just seeing some of the drama that happened over the past few days in the blogging world. I am so sorry that you, Tara, and Tien were all dragged into a sea of negative comments from anonymous readers. I enjoy all three of your blogs and hope to be able to read many more fabulous posts in the coming days.

    And, I've loved all your photo shots from the last few days. My BF received a new camera for Christmas, and has appointed himself my photographer -- much to my delight! We're still experimenting and don't usually get to take outdoor pics because the days are short, but we're having fun learning!

  17. makeupandpearls: Thanks! It felt so good to have a positive conversation with her for once.

    Loraine: I love the hat too. I refused to have frozen ears just because my husband didn't like it!

    Anon: Glad you like the hat! It made me so happy! After she left, I was thinking about our talk and the tears just started flowing. My mom is a very negative person and usually only has negative things to say. I think maybe telling her about all the hurtful comments I received on the blog caused her to have some sympathy for me and softened her heart a little.

    St. Germain: So sorry about your mom. As mean as mine is sometimes, I can't imagine life without her. It's scary seeing her get old and not be able to do certain things anymore. I'm trying to cherish all my times with her good and bad.

    Saskia: I'm not gonna let anybody's opinion keep me from wearing something I feel good in. He told me how he felt and that was fine. I did not think he needed to say something the second time, and I told him as much. His style is super preppy. I don't like it. He dresses like an old man in my opinion. LOL! But I keep my opinion to myself because that's how he wants to dress. It's counterproductive for me to say anything. He is going to wear what he wants anyway. He usually does the same for me. I don't know what it was about this hat... He hates it! LOL!

    Cindi: Your comment made me laugh! Thanks girl!

    ali: Thanks! You too!

    Mokka: Thanks! I came very close to just saying forget it and not posting an outfit today. It's hard enough having your picture made under ideal circumstances. To do it in freezing cold conditions with the wind blowing like crazy and then on top of that a negative comment, it was hard. I just knew these pictures were going to be crap. They're not my best, but I think they turned out good considering.

    Brianna: Thanks girl! Yes, it was pretty greasy - I'm not gonna lie! LOL! No way I could have worn it down.

    Peggy: Thanks! I love this bag so much! It goes with everything!

    Tracy: Your comment touched me. Your comments always do. I never got a chance to thank you for the sweet comment you left on the post where I remixed the Easy As Pie dress. Sometimes I don't take the time I should to respond to everyone's comments. After what happened this week, I going to try to do better about that, because I appreciated all the support I got and I want to make sure I do my part.

    Louise: I don't think my mom will go so far as to read my blog now, but I don't think she will belittle me for it anymore. That's all I ever wanted anyway. Girl, do not feel bad. I had pajamas on before I put this on, and as soon as I got back in the house, I put them back on. They are not nice looking pajamas, either. Old sweat pants, a henley, and some crazy striped socks. Maybe I will post a pajamas outfit of the day sometime so you all can see what I really look like most of the day. LOL!

    spiffy: My husband doesn't like most things I wear, but he was really put of by this hat. I think it's funny! I think I will wear it alot just to piss him off! I'm so mean! LOL!

    miin: That's so funny you would describe it that way, that's the vibe I was getting from it as well. I was thinking "Victorian Equestrian." I wasn't sure if I was pulling it off, but I'm glad you liked it!

  18. Great 0utfit--including the hat!...You are so creative in coming up with places to take photos. Glad something positive came out of the drama. Funny how the world works :)!

  19. You look gorgeous! Love the hat!

  20. Bonnie, I love your outfit! You look beautiful and adorable! I love all of items you have mixed and layered. I'm so glad your Mom approves of your blog! Mine does too and it's always nice to have support from the ones you care about the most. I do also agree that your outfit looks very Equestrian as others have. I love that look and you pull it off so well. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

  21. I like the hat alot. It's the style I like to wear when it's cold. I wonder however if your husband just missed seeing your long hair. Wear the hat when your hair is down, and then see if he likes it.

  22. I love hearing that someone else is trying to stick to a cloting budget. It makes me feel better than I am not alone in my overspending and the need to cut back and find some new ways to wear whatever I already have. I have developed the bad habit of only wearing things once or twice and then never looking at them again. It has been really hard not to feed my shopping addiction and three days without going to a shopping website may not seem like much to most people--but trust me--I am right there with you! Keep it up! You look great!

  23. Jamie: That stuff that went down on Thursday was insane. Glad it's over! I can't wait to see the pics your BF takes with the new camera!

    Anon: Thanks! I'm just lucky my dad is a hoarding and lots of old junk for me to take pictures with! LOL!

    stephanie: Thanks!

    Elizabeth: Thanks! I didn't intend to put together an Equestrian look, it just sorta happened. I wasn't sure about it, but now that all you ladies have said how much you like, I feel better about it.

    Lisa: You're right. I'm sure he would have liked it much better with my hair down. What is it about guys and long hair?

  24. Anon: I just reread that sentence. I meant to say I'm lucky my dad is a hoarder and has lots of old junk for me to take pictures with. I'm thinking faster than I can type. LOL!


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