Wind Rippled

It's been another crazy day! I was super busy at work then I had to leave in the middle of the day to take my son to the doctor. While I was out, I got a new phone which took an act of Congress! I finally got my phone and then returned to the craziness at work. I'm so tired! I can't wait to get the kids to bed and just relax. I got a dozen doughnuts while I was out today, so my plan is to watch TV and pig out on some doughnuts.

I caved and bought another thing on sale today - the Raines Heels. I've had my eyes on these for some time now. I even put them in my cart yesterday, but resisted temptation. They disappeared off the website for awhile, but I noticed they were back again this afternoon, taunting me, so I gave in and bought them.

Today, I'm wearing a top that I love but haven't really worn that much for some reason, the Wind Rippled Tee. As I was putting it on, I recalled that I purchased this top around this same time last year. I think I've only worn it a handful of times since then. I really need to give it more love in the future. For a pop of color, I wore my plum colored pumps. I topped it off with the Cream Confection Jacket. Plum, Cream Confection, Mmmm, I'm getting hungry! I included a couple of pics of my little girl "striking a pose." LOL! She watches me get my pictures taken, so she wanted to get her's taken too! She's much cuter than me! Well, those doughnuts are calling my name. Have a good night!

WindRippled 001

WindRippled 015

WindRippled 018

WindRippled 025

WindRippled 035

WindRippled 041

WindRippled 048

WindRippled 029

WindRippled 060

WindRippled 061

Top: Anthropologie Wind Rippled Tee
Pants: The Limited
Coat: Anthropologie Cream Confection Jacket
Shoes: Madden Girl



  1. love the pics of your daughter!! haha I have always loved that shirt! I had it, but it frayed so badly after a few wears, I returned it. I miss it! You look great- classic and chic

  2. I love this of my faves!!! You look gret in it and I love the pop of color in the purple pumps!

  3. You know, I don't wear my wind rippled tee very much either! I'm not sure why?!?!?!

    Your daughter is adorable. Her pjs are cute, too!!!

  4. i love this top too, i own it in 3 colors and it looks fab on you. and your lil girl is soooooo cute.

  5. Your daughter literally made me LOL! You look cute and comfy today too. :)

  6. Maggie was just looking at the screen and said "she has kids?"" "She looks so young!" and I told her your other kids are even older than your little girl! So hopefully that made your night!

  7. I love the outfit... very cute - as usual! Your daughter is adorable... she is a fashionista in the making! :)

  8. Lol your little girl is the cutest. I love her PJs, I wish I could get me some colourful tree pattered pyjamas!

    Your outfit looks comfy as ever, I'd love a CC jacket, such a statement piece :)

  9. She is too cute! And - that coat looks so amazing on you! Have a lovely Holiday with your sweet little family :)

  10. Your daughter is too cute posing just like you!
    Lovely outfit - the elements are classic and the plum shoes add the right amount of colour.
    Your hair looks really nice aswell!

  11. Thanks for reminding me about the wind rippled tee. After obsessing last year and getting two, I also don't wear them too often. Your daughter is too cute. I wonder where she learned all that fabulous posing, hmmmmm?


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