This is the Remix...How you like me now?

Here at Small Town Fashionista, we aim to please! I got some feedback on how I styled the Easy As Pie Dress yesterday, so I took all your suggestions and combined them and came up with this. One reader suggested I wear heels and another suggested a belt over the cardigan. Even my mom, the anti-fashionista, weighed in and said I needed "to put some tights over those white legs." So, I added some black tights, taupe ruffled heels, and a teal belt. I quite like how it turned out! Thanks for your suggestions readers!

I'll be back a little later tonight with details on a new contest. Stay tuned...

EasyAsPieRemix 011

EasyAsPieRemix 009

EasyAsPieRemix 001

Dress: Anthropologie Easy As Pie Dress

Cardigan: The Limited

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Ruche



  1. How funny....I actually much preferred how you styled the dress the first time before everyone gave their 2 cents on how to change your styling. LOL. What do you prefer?

  2. I liked you before, and I still like you now ;) If I had to choose between the two looks,the original wins out because I loved the boots with this dress. Both are very pretty though!

  3. Loving this new take on it...super cute! I love that teal belt!!! =)

  4. Bonnie - you are beyond adorable. I cannot stress how much I admire you - you are amazing. So many of us only want to hear "Great!" when we ask, "does this outfit look alright?" You have the confidence and the ability to take someone's honest opinion and work with it - without the usual "well, if you don't like it, don't read it' attitude of many other bloggers. Personally, I loved both looks, and regarding your comments re: the first outfit - you don't need to lose a OUNCE! You're fabulous - my favorite blogger. Keep inspiring.....

  5. Bonnie this look is nice and cosy and those shoes are fab. I also liked the other look as well and didn't think you looked like you had a short torso or needed to lose weight (no way!)

    Now you have loads of ways to wear the Easy as Pie dress so at least all the good and less-good comments gave you an opportunity to remix :)

  6. Hooray! I love to see that you styling this with a belt over a cardigan. I do love the look -- though I've never met a belted cardigan I didn't like! Thanks so much for taking all our recommendations into account, Bonnie! And the booties you're wearing here are so fantabulous. Love 'em!


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