Refined Cut and Refined Cord

Wow, it's late! I'm typing this at 11pm. I should be in bed asleep now, but I didn't get in until late due to a salon appointment. I needed a hair cut in a bad way, and I feel like a new woman! So, I just read on Kim's blog that there will be a sale at Anthro tomorrow! I think I might have to spend my $50. It's already burning a hole in my pocket. LOL! I have the sweetest husband ever. He is so good to me even though I don't deserve it! I kept going on and on about the First Whisperings Dress and how I just fell in love with it. Well, you know what readers, he bought it for me last night! Even after my "Santa's helper" escapade, he bought it for me, because he said, "he loves me." Aww....

Today, I'm wearing the Refined Cord Shirtdress again. This time I put a lacey tank under it and wore my Steve Madden boots rather than my Frye's. I just love this dress. It's so soft and comfy. It's a classic dress that will never go out of style. Well, I'm gonna go get some sleep so I can wake up early and check out the sale! Good night!

RefinedCord 024

RefinedCord 034

RefinedCord 031

RefinedCord 022

RefinedCord 040

RefinedCord 044

RefinedCord 048

Dress: Anthropologie Refined Cord Shirtdress

Tank: Arden B

Boots: Steve Madden Cadence Boots

Necklace: Ruche Out and A-bow-T Necklace

Ring: Old Navy

Hair: Joey Hathaway (been doing my hair since I was like 8 years old)



  1. Your hair is amazing! I am totally jealous. I was just having a convo in my own blog about how I've never been a hair girl. I wasn't blessed with great hair and I don't have the patience to fake it! :P

    I love lace and the look of the lacy cami peeking out from the dress like that. I wear my Oratory Dress with one underneath because it's a little low and I'm uncomfortable with the amount of boobage showing.

  2. cute photo with you boot kicked up . . . good hair day :) FeFe

  3. That dress looks so comfortable and classic! I love it!

  4. Your hair is so pretty! Love the shirtdress - what a versatile piece, and it looks fab with those boots!

  5. Your hair looks really pretty! That's so sweet of your husband to get you the First Whisperings Dress. :-)


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