Laced With Grace

I've been a bad, bad girl! I loved this dress from the moment I saw it online, so I caved and ordered it last week. I know, I know, I'm suppose to be on a budget. I was kinda hoping it would look hideous on me, so I could send it back. But, oh no, I pretty much love it, so I'm keeping it. I'm gonna have to do something really special for the hubby to redeem myself from this indescretion. To make it really worth all the trouble, I got my photographer friend to break out his camera today. All of these shots were taken in the back of our building. It's amazing all the cool places to take photos just in the small area around our building. We found several places for future photos. It's funny how the color of this dress changes shades depending on the light. The catalog shot looks like a really pale green, but it is much more vibrant in person. I'm wearing a size 8, so it fits true to size. I had a hard time accessorizing this morning, because there are so many things that look good with this dress. To belt or not to belt, that was the question? I went with belt, and I like how it turned out, but I think next time I will wear a longer necklace and not belt. Have a great night!

Picture 39

Picture 45

Picture 40

Picture 41

Picture 46

Picture 35

Picture 33

Picture 29

Picture 27

Picture 19

Picture 17

Picture 16

Picture 47

Picture 31

Dress: Anthropologie Laced With Grace Dress

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Necklace and Ring: The Limited



  1. Luv the belt and boots with that dress, you look wonderful!!!

  2. Ooh great dress! I love it on goes so well with the looping lanes and the boots. Love the color and can't wait to try it on.

  3. I just tried this one on, too, and will be going back for it on pay day!:)

  4. I love the shot where you are looking at the camera! I think you should try that more, like Kendi!

  5. Wow, Bonnie the photos are amazing. You looking sooo gorgeous.

  6. Gorrrrgeous!! And stunning photography. Can I ask what camera/lens/software you guys are using? I need to up my game. I might have to cave on this dress now, too....

  7. Love the pictures, love the cute! I love pictures against brick walls...and the green against it looks great!

  8. I love that belt! What size did you order? After seeing it on you, I have to have it, but am not sure what size to get (and we have the same proportions).

  9. Bonnie, you are one bad bad girl!! hehehe..but i'm so glad you got this dress! you look absolutely amazing in it. The green suits your skin and hair colouring so much. I love this dress with the tan accessories. Gorgeous pics!

  10. What a gorgeous dress. looks great on !

  11. As soon as I read "I've been a bad girl" I knew you had gone shopping and exceeded your weekly allowance!! With that said, if getting this dress is wrong, you do not want to be right! I love it on you and the color is just splendid. I'm really hoping our store has it b/c I really want to try it on.
    Also, thanks so much for offering to help move, such a sweet gesture!!

  12. Thanks ladies!

    Saskia: I believe the camera he uses is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi. I don't know about the lens and software. I will ask.

    Alex: I ordered a medium and large, and ended up going with the large. The medium fit, but it was super tight. I decided I wanted a little more room.


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