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Well, I made it through another Monday. I planned on taking down my Halloween decorations when I got home, but it was almost dark outside, so I took some outfit pics before the sun completely went away. That took all the energy I had left in me! Oh well, they will still be there tomorrow.

I've spent alot of money on clothing lately - even more than usual. So, I'm being forced on a strict budget. I would like to say that I'm doing it of my own accord, but the truth is, I don't have any willpower where shopping is concerned. So, my husband is "reigning me in." I will get $50 a week for clothing. I can spend it all in one week, or roll if forward to buy something more expensive later on. Therefore, you will probably be seeing alot of repeat items in my outfits, but I guess this will force me to be more creative with the things already in my closet, and much, much pickier on what I purchase. I'm ashamed that I can't control my spending, but I'm excited about doing better going forward.

Today, I'm wearing my other new purchase from Ruche, the Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Dress. I just love the whimsical birdies on the skirt of this dress! A bonus of this dress is that it's made from organic cotton. Also, I'm wearing the Curlytop Cardigan again. I can't get enough of this piece.

The location for the pictures is under an oak tree in my front yard. This thing has dropped more acorns than any tree I have even seen! I wonder if there will be a sale tomorrow at Anthro. If I see something I can't live without, I hope it's under $50! LOL! Have a good night!

Birdies 009

Birdies 002

Birdies 010

Birdies 015

Birdies 019

Birdies 024

Hat: The Gap - last year



  1. Those birds are adorable! It looks like it would be a good Christmas present. Heading over to check out the price now. :)

  2. great colors . . . nice pine cones ! :)FeFe

  3. I hear you. I have *asked* my husband to rein me in because I have no self control when it comes to shopping!

  4. I know how hard it is to say no to shopping, especially when an Anthro sale comes along ;)Kendi over at Kendi Everyday is doing another 30 for 30 challenege perhaps you may benfit out of it cause during the challenge you are not suppose to shop! You can be creative with the limited pieces....check her blog out!

  5. You look so cute Bonnie! That dress is darling! I too am trying to be really good with my clothing budget, and Anthro isn't helping with all their new arrivals!

  6. It's such a good idea to have your husband watch your budget just before Christmas! Don't worry about "repeats". In fact maybe you should enter Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge? I was so tempted yesterday but I don't actually have a blog! Not sure I could get it all set up and ready to roll by next Monday, plus I don't think anyone would read it!

    You have some really great clothes, it would be fun to see you remixing them all in the spirit of 30 for 30 :)

  7. oh...the imposed budget - ick. Glad that you had already scored all the Frye boots...your OOTD will survive nicely, thanks to those alone! PS: This outfit is simply gorgeous on you - totally, completely YOU.

  8. Love the dress! How does it fit? True to size or short (like many Ruche dresses)?

  9. Love the dress Bonnie ! I've been eyeing it up at Ruche and haven't bought it because of my low budget these day!! Hang in there yu can do it.
    I agree with the above comment that you should do the 30 day challenge with Kendi. i would love to see new looks you come up with from your lovely wardrobe :)

  10. The good thing is that you have a lot of great things to pull from your closet to wear! I am addicted to Anthro as well and have reigned in much of my spending. It's tough but I feel better about not having to try to explain why the clothing budget category was so high one month :)

    Though I'm not perfect I'm trying... :)

  11. Ady: I couldn't resist the birds. Let me know if you end up purchasing it.

    Jill: Well, at least you asked! I wasn't strong enough to ask for help! LOL!

    Anon: Thanks! I love Kendi's blog, and I saw where she was having the 30 for 30 again. I'm thinking about doing it, but I don't think I'll be able to hold out a whole month not buying anything.

    Kim: Thanks! I know, those darn new arrivals are getting me too! It really is a test in self-control.

    Louise: I would read your blog! I'm thinking about trying the 30 for 30, just not sure if I can commit.

    Tracy: I was thinking the same thing! Thank God I got my Frye boots before the lockdown! LOL!

    Claire: Thanks! It fits true to size. I can't wear most of Ruche's dresses because they are too short, but this one was just above the knee on me.

    Jenn G: Thanks for the motivation!

    Carrie: Yeah, I'm definitely addicted to Anthro. It's going to be hard, but it will be good to start utilizing the things in my closet more instead of just wearing the next "new thing."

  12. holy cow that dress is the cutest - i love it!

  13. I need to put myself on a budget too, and my husband would agree! I love that dress, Ruche has the cutest stuff (and usually a bit cheaper than Anthro!) Perfect fall outfit.

  14. Hi Bonnie, I set one up this morning so I can participate in the 30 for 30. Now I need to pull my finger out when I get home and pick my 30 items and practice taking pictures in the mirror as I'm not telling my DH... feel a bit self-conscious about people I see all the time reading my words! :o)


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