Whirl and Wind in the Cotton

It's Sunday! That means it's back to work tomorrow :-( My dad has been hard at work picking cotton the past 2 days. I got some more farm photos for you. This time with the finished product from the module builder I took photos with yesterday. I don't know what was going on with my husband. Almost every picture he took was blurry. Apparently, he just couldn't be still today. LOL! I'm wearing the Whirl and Wind Cardigan. I thought the yellow would look good against the white cotton. I'd been wanting this cardigan forever. I ended up getting it on Ebay the week before it went on sale at Anthropologie. So, I didn't get quite the deal I thought I did on it. I still got it $10 cheaper than the sale price, though. The sleeves are kinda a weird length on me, definitely longer than the 3/4 length advertised, but I still love it. I'll be annoucing the details for the 100 follower contest tomorrow! I hope you all have a good night!

Sweater: Anthropologie Whirl and Wind Cardigan

Shirt: J Crew

Jeans: Joe's Super Stretch Jeggins

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. that cotton is too cool! Your Frye boots are awesome!

  2. I always look forward to reading your post everyday especially your ootd. And your taunting me with the boots. I'm waiting for a promotion code.

  3. The yellow of the sweater is so pretty. I like the swirls on it.

  4. gosh cotton is so crazy. But it always makes for amazing photos on your blog. I love this cardi, and it sounds like you made a great score. $10 cheaper on sale is still great!



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