OOTD: Ascending Roses Top

Happy Sale Day! I had a great time at the concert last night! I ate Lebanese food for the first time, and it was so yummy! I didn't get in until 1am, so I'm extremely tired this morning! I wish more concerts were on the weekend. It seems like most of them are during the week! I checked out the sale this morning, and I'm thinking about ordering the Outdoor Cafe Cardigan in the Neutral Motif. I tried this cardigan on last week and put it on my wishlist. I tried on a small in the store and it fit good except the sleeves were super tight, so I'm thinking about ordering the medium. I just hope it isn't too big everywhere else. I also really like the Hues Ascending Cardigan in green. I can't order both, so I'm trying to decide between the two. Did any of you guys get anything on sale today? I'm wearing my new Ascending Roses Top. It such a comfortable little top! I'm wearing a size medium. I paired it with black pants and green sandals. I'm really digging the pop of green with this outfit.

Pants: The Limited Cassidy Flares
Sandals: Steve Madden
Earrings, Bracelet, Ring: The Limited



  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I loved this top the moment I saw it on you when you reviewed it. Looking great! Also the earing is so darling~

  2. Love the top on you. And of course as usual, your hair looks great. So lucky you can still wear sandles. :)

  3. Oooooh, did you go to Sitti for dinner??? That is one of my favorites!!! Glad you had fun :)

  4. Jin: Thanks! I'm so glad I got this top!

    Cindi: Thanks! Yeah, it's a little warmer today than yesterday, so I can still wear sandals!

    Erin: Yes, I went to Sitti. It was soooo good! I can't wait to go back again!

  5. Love this on you! Also really love those cute earrings!!!
    I don't know which cardi to tell ya....both would be super cute on yoU! I picked up the Gold Whirl n WInd cardigan and another MOlded and MElded Tee...trying to be good!! =)

  6. You are seriously so beautiful! Love your style AND your blog!! :)

  7. That top is really, really cute! I nabbed a Molded and Melded tee and a Wild Brambles tote - but there were definitely other things that I could have picked up! I had to hold back :)

  8. cute top! i got the *hues ascending cardi* in purple and lovelovelove it!!! :) whatever you think would work best with your wardrobe and style...i'm going to wear my cardi over the southward stop shirtdress! have a great evening :0)

  9. Jenni: Thanks! I love the gold Whirl and Wind Cardigan. I've wanted it for ages. I broke down and bought one on Ebay last week for $40.

    Sydney: Thanks so much! I checked out your blog and you are gorgeous! I love all your outfits and pictures! I'm a follower now!

    JanAlyssa: I have a Molded and Melded tee and love it!

    Meg: Oooh! I bet that cardigan look fabulous over the Southward Stop!

  10. That top looks a little small on you, other than that it is beautiful.


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