OOTD and Dress Reviews

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Sorry I didn't get the reviews out as promised last night. My crazy day at work continued into the night. I was at work until 10pm, so I passed out as soon as I got home! I'm wearing my new Kindred Spirit Sweater Dress today, and I love it! It is so soft and comfy! I paired it with the belt I got at the big Anthro sale last week. Please be aware that this dress runs big. I had to size down to a small. I bought the Bow and Angle Belt to wear with this dress, but I decided to wait and wear that one with boots.
So, I will be posting 3 sets of reviews for you: Dresses, Jackets, and Tops. First up is dresses. I only tried on 2.
Tweedy Leaves Dress ($158). So, this is the Fall version of the Zoya Dress. I have the Zoya Dress and love it, so I thought this dress would be a sure thing. But it wasn't... I tried a size 6, because that's what I have in the Zoya. It was really hard to zip past my rib cage, but the neck was too big. The skirt portion fit good, but it was made out of itchy wool. The top portion hung weird and wasn't flattering. Overall, I didn't love this dress on me. Southward Stop Shirtdress ($128). I love the Fall inspired print on this dress! I tried a size 8, and it fit good, so this one is true to size. It could stand to be a little more fitted on the bottom, but if i sized down, the buttons would pull across the chest. Overall, I really liked this dress and considered buying it until I tried on the Kindred Spirit Sweater Dress. So, I'll consider this one come sale time.



  1. Love your OOTD, that dress looks so comfortable!

  2. I love the sweaterdress on you! The last dress would be really cute too with boots for the fall. :-)

  3. They all three look really pretty on you, but I like the Kindred Spirit Dress the best :) It is such a good color on you. I can't wait to see it with boots, too!

  4. The Southward Stop looks so cute!

    Did you find that the Zoya dress fit better than the Tweedy Leaves dress? I also tried the TL dress, and wasn't impressed. But I've been stalking the Zoya on ebay -- the colors are just gorgeous!

  5. Sara: Thanks! It really is so comfy!

    Debbie: You're right, it would look awesome with boots. I can't wait for it to go on sale!

    Erin: Thanks, it was my fav too! Yeah, I'm ready for cold weather so I can break out the boots!

    Jamie: Yes, the Zoya fit me like a glove. The top on this dress was way looser in the neck and the skirt portion didn't fit me quite as well.

  6. Super cute outfits...all three! Maybe I totally missed this, but what type of work do you do? 10pm? wow! You are a super mom to be able to balance work and kiddos!! By the way, I have been meaning to thank you so much for the hair clips! I got them in the mail last week and they are super cute!!! I appreciate it! =)


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