OOTD: Chocolate Chip Dress

Good morning readers! Sorry I was MIA yesterday! I took yesterday morning off to get my kids school supplies. In addition, I took one look at what was on sale at Anthro yesterday and decided to also use the time off to make a trip to the Durham store! I had purchased the Curly Top Cardigan recently but decided that I didn't like it enough for what it cost. I needed to make a trip to return it, so I thought what better day than a sale day! I'm so glad I made the trip! I got some good stuff on sale! It was one of those magical days where I loved everything I tried on! My phone battery was low, and I didn't have time to try on many new arrivals, so I didn't get any pics for reviews. Sorry! I did purchase one new arrival, though, so I will do a review on that when I wear it. As is my nature, I am wearing one a my new purchases today: the Chocolate Chip Dress. I had seen this dress at the Reston, VA store a couple of weeks ago in a size 6. I tried it on there, and it looked good, but the buttons in the back kept coming undone, so I didn't get it. Well, I was so excited when I saw a size 8 in the sale room at the Durham store yesterday. It fits great, and the buttons don't pop open a bit! Apparently, the size 6 was just a little too tight in the chest which put too much stress on the snap buttons, causing them to pop open. I tried it on with the Precious Materials Cardigan. They looked really good together, but I didn't have enough money to get both, so I had to reluctantly leave the cardigan behind. I had to come up with another cardigan to wear over this dress for work, so I picked this aqua color one from The Limited. I finished the look off with Seychelles heels and the Pessinus Garden Necklace. I feel very 50's house wife in this! I will reveal my other purchases from yesterday as I wear them, so stayed tuned!

Dress: Anthropologie Chocolate Chip Dress($50) Sold out online but still some left in stores

Cardigan: The Limited

Shoes: Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Sandals($85)

Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden Necklace($32) Sold out online but still some left in stores



  1. That dress looks fantastic with the aqua cardigan! Great sale purchase! :-)

  2. What a great sale find! I think the Chocolate Chip dress looks very similar to the Mullany, but at a much more palatable price point. I was searching for this dress, hoping to use it in the dessert-inspired series of outfits I'm doing this week. Your look reminds me a little of mint chocolate chip ice cream (which happens to be one of my favorite flavors, so this is a good thing!)

  3. Lovely outfit - I couldn't resist the headline!

  4. Debbie thanks! Yeah, I ended up getting this dress and another one for the price on that one cardigan.

    Jamie: I thought the same thing about it being similar to the Mullany Dress. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - yummy!

    Tabitha: Thanks! Who can resist chocolate chips? LOL!

  5. I love this color combo! Very cute.

  6. You look great Bonnie and glad to hear you were able to score some goodies at the Durham store. The dress is so pretty and looks great with the aqua blue cardi.

  7. Very cute necklace, Bonnie. That's usually not my style, but it looked so cute on you I'm reconsidering now!

    Did you end up getting the Tambour blouse from the sale yesterday? You mentioned you had it wishlisted. I ordered it from online, but am not sure if it will work for me nor what I'll wear it with!


  8. So very very pretty. This could be one of my favorite outfits on you so far!


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