OOTD: It's Your Move Skirt

One day closer to Friday! I love my outfit today. I feel very happy in it! I'm wearing the It's Your Move Skirt. I had to hunt this baby down through Anthro customer service. I had to call a couple of stores, but I finally found one at Rockefeller Center. I'm wearing a size 8. I'm so glad I got this skirt. It's not something I would usually be attracted to, but it looked so good on so many other bloggers, I decided to go for it. I totally copied the catalog shot from the above pic and paired this skirt with the Torsade Tee. I really wish I had gotten this tee in a small. The medium is just a little bit too big up top, so it hangs really low on my chest exposing more cleavage than I'm comfortable with. Oh well, at least my husband likes it! LOL! I'm so happy because I've found yet another outfit to wear with my Wishbone Wedges. I bought these back in the winter before they sold out, but I noticed yesterday that they are back on Anthro's website. I highly recommend these! They are so comfortable! I usually wear hair accessories, so I try to get photos of them too. I usually take these photos in the car in the parking lot at work. Just wanted to explain why I usually have one photo sitting in my car.

Top: Anthropologie Torsade Tee

Skirt: Anthropologie It's Your Move Skirt - Sold out online, still some in stores

Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Shoes: Anthropologie Wishbone Wedges

Ring and Hair Pin: The Limited



  1. i am completely jealous of this whole outfit! it didn't wow me on the model...but it looks great on you!

  2. So cute and cheery. I always love your hair accessories. I need to add more of those to my closet. Happy Thursday!

  3. I love my torsade tee. I don't wear it nearly enough though. It's a little baggy, but it still looks great on you.


  4. So cute! You look better than the catalog model! :-) I love wearing that skirt too and it's fun seeing all the different colored shirts that others have paired theirs with.

  5. This skirt looks adorable on you, Bonnie! I tried it on, but couldn't make it work for me -- definitely had the bubble butt effect going on. Maybe there was something wrong with the skirt I tried on (it was the only one left). Or maybe I just need to get myself to a gym : )

  6. Yay!! I'm so glad you got the skirt - it looks great!! :)

  7. Cassie: Awww, I'm very flattered! Thank you!

    Cat: Thanks! I couldn't live without hair accessories. Anthro has some beautiful ones, but sometimes the quality is poor.

    Liz: I wish I had gotten it in more colors and in a small.

    Debbie: I wish I looked better than the model, but thanks anyway! I'm flattered!

    Jamie: There must have been something wrong with the skirt you tried on because I definitely have an out of shape butt. You, on the other hand, look in perfect shape!

    Erin: Me too! Thanks!

  8. i adore this outfit! the tee is so perfect for the skirt...maybe because the skirt is busy and the tee has just the right amount of interest. love it!

  9. Thanks Anna! That is so flattering coming from you! You have such great style! I adore your blog!

  10. I love the Looping Lanes Belt with the Its Your Move Skirt, it works so nicely together. And your hair!! So pretty :)


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