OOTD: Hotter Than Blue Blazes

As my mom would say, "It is hotter than blue blazes today!" I can't believe this heat! Between it and my horrible sinus infection, I'm just plain miserable! It so hot, I have not gone outside at all this weekend, but I did venture out to the grocery store today. I'm wearing the Paisley Swoop Tank from Anthropologie. I got this on sale a couple of months ago. It is very light and thin - just what I needed on this hot day. I just finished my book -"The Girl Who Played With Fire." It was a cliffhanger ending, so now I've got to get the next book as soon as possible. I highly recommend this series of books. It's kinda of slow to get started, but once it does, you can't put it down. The main character is a female computer hacker who kicks butt! I'm gonna go try to stay cool, my AC is having issues cooling my house in this heat!

Top: Anthropologie Paisley Swoop Tank

Short: J Crew Classic Brenna Ripstop Short

Shoes: Target from a few years ago

Bag: Anthropologie Miss Albright Bag



  1. Yellow is a great color on you!! That top is really cute and perfect for a hot day for sure. Hope it cools down for ya a bit!!


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