Anthropologie Dress Reviews and OOTD

I'm finally getting around to posting dress reviews from my trip to Anthro two weeks ago. Everytime I would sit down to start on it, something would come up. Ah, the busy life of a working mom... So, let's get right to it.

Unaligned Bands Dress ($138). I really loved this dress. It was so comfortable and figure flattering. I tried a medium and it fit perfect, so this dress runs true to size. Wishlisted.

Time Gone By Dress
($128). This dress is so pretty, so I was really hoping it would work, but it didn't. I tried a size 8, and while it fit great through the hips and the waist, the top part was too big. The left shoulder especially hung off my shoulder. I'm pretty sure if I sized down to a 6, it would be too tight through the waist, so this was a no for me.

Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress ($168). Another really pretty dress! I love everything about this dress except the top. It was way too low cut for my taste. I tried a size 8 in this as well. It fit good, but was just way out of my cleavage comfort zone.

Compeer Dress
($248). This dress is way out of my price range, but I decided to try it on for fun. However, it ended up not being very fun trying it on. This dress was just wrong in every way on me. I tried a size medium, and while it fit, it did nothing for my figure. The pockets hung weird in the front and the dress just made me look wide.

So, now for my outfit of the day. I'm wearing the Montage Tee. I had tried this on in the store a couple of months ago and liked it, but didn't think it was worth $68. Well, I found it on ebay last week for $30, so I got it. I got a size small. It's a cute, casual top and is great to wear in this hot weather we have been having. I love the print! I was skeptical about the tiers before I tried it on, but I ended up really liking them.



  1. Cute top! I like the ruffles, it gives it such a fun and feminine feel.

  2. Wow, I looove the Stemmed Sweetbriar on you. I too was worried that the top will be too low cut on me, but I actually think it looks relatively covered up and flattering on you -- just the *right* amount of cleavage, intriguing but not trashy at all!

  3. I'm with goldenmeans. As a modest person myself, I worry about showing too much skin, but the sweetbriar dress is AMAZING on you!! Perhaps with a cardigan you'd feel better with a cardigan?

  4. Great find on ebay!! Ruffles are so much fun :)
    I love the Unaligned Bands Dress on you, too!

  5. Dea - Thanks! It is a fun top!

    Goldenmeans and Cat - Now, you're making me second guess the Sweetbriar dress. I'm going to add it to my wishlist!

    Erin - Yeah, I really lucked out finding it on ebay for so much cheaper!


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