Shopped Till I Dropped

I'm so exhausted! I made my trip to the Anthropologie 2 hours away to check out the sale and some new items. The sale was not as big as I thought it would be, but it was still fun to go to the store and try things on! I met a friend there that I hadn't seen in a long time, so it was great to catch up with her! An added bonus was I met Dea from Dea Diaries why I was there. She was looking fabulous as usual! So, I'll start things off with my outfit of the day. I'm wearing the Hourglass Surplice Tee from Anthro, a cardigan from The Limited, Gap Jeans, and Bette flats from Seychelles.

Now, on to the things I tried on today. I'm splitting these pics in two categories: sale items and new items. I will cover the sale items today, and the new items in another post. First up, sale items:

Light Speed Blouse. I passed over this one when I went through the sale room, but my friend tried it on, and once I saw it on her, I had to try it for myself. They only had size 4 and 8, so I tried both. The size 4 fit good, so this top runs on the big side. I like the unique print, but the best thing about this blouse is the little ties with beads on the shoulders. This one came home with me.
Lunar Eclipse Top. This is one my friend suggested I try. I really liked this on the hanger, but I didn't think it was flattering on me. It made my hips look big. and it was really low cut. It fit true to size.

Rainforest Morning Shirtdress. I tried on a size 8 in this dress. It fit good everywhere except the buttons pulled across my chest a little bit. I just didn't like the look of this one on me.
Pachyderm Parade Dress. I loved the print on this dress. The only size they had in the store was a size 10. It fit pretty good on the bottom, but the top was a little bit big. The straps were too long and I could see my bra in the back, so I had to pass on this one.
Corsage Twirl Dress. I really liked this dress, but the medium was too big and it was defective - the flower was coming unattached on it. There were no smalls in the store, so when I got home, I ordered this in a small online. Can't wait to get it! It so comfortable and figure flattering!

Courtship Blooms Tank. This was so cute on the hanger, but not on me. It was really unflattering on my hips. It fit true to size.
Hep Posies Tunic. I LOVED this top. I could tell by looking at it that it ran big, so I tried on the small and it fit perfect. You tiny girls will probably be sized out of this one. This came home with me.
I don't know the name of this last blouse because it is apparently sold out online. I got a size 8 and it fit good, so true to size on this one. I also brought this home with me.

Well, that's it for now. The reason I used the title "Shopped Till I Dropped" for this post is because I literally shopped till I dropped. I stumbled and fell as I was walking out of the store. I got some pretty nasty scrapes on my hand and arm. It hurt, but worst of all, it was embarrasing. Oh well, it was worth it to be able to shop at my favorite store!



  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your fall :( Hope you heal quickly. I'm always stumbling while walking around school, and students can be so cruel...they always laugh at me :)

    I am loving the Corsage dress on you-so flattering. So glad you were able to get it in your size online. Glad you enjoyed your day! One of these days I need to go to the Anthro in Raleigh (was that the one you went to?) I am up the mountain in western NC, but always love to come down for some good shopping :)

  2. Bonnie, I'm so sorry that you got hurt after your fun trip at Anthro- ouch!! I hate when that happens and hope your bruises heal quickly!
    It was so nice meeting you IRL and wish we had a chance to hang out more! By the way, your dressing room was next to mine and I could hear your camera as you were snapping pics- lol!! Too cute


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