Closet Cleansing Sale

I cleaned out my closet over the weekend and have some items for sale here. Check it out!

Before I go I have to mention that I love the duality of this picture. She's cleaning out her closet, while appearing to simultaneously poop out some clothes. Closet Cleansing, indeed. Oh, and I would so rock this pose.



  1. yikes! You're trying to sell these clothes?! They're wrinkled and misshapen, good luck to whomever buys your used crap. You didn't even put any effort into your "sale".

  2. I loathe ironing. Plus I don't see the point in ironing clothing that I'm just going to put in a envelope and ship across the country. If people can't see past the wrinkles then they don't have to buy it. Have a nice day! :-)

  3. Bonnie, how about not posting awful comments like the one Anon left you? Don't give them any satisfaction of seeing their messages on your blog. I really dislike knowing that there are such mean people in this world. I guess I like to pretend that people are caring, thoughtful, and kind and if they don't like someone, they are mature enough to keep it to themselves and not make judgmental comments.


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