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Top: Anthropologie Tied-Hem Tank - Size S
Skirt: Old Navy - Size 6
Earrings and Ring: The Limited
Bracelet: Anthropologie

"Love, it is our honour. Love, it is our all. Love goes on forever. Yeah, love it is our home." - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Well, hello there! Remember me? It's been awhile since I last graced these parts. I decided it was time to join the land of the Internets once again. Well, actually, I've just now had time to catch my breath and take the time to write out a post. Oh, and the fact that I actually have Internet access now doesn't hurt any either.

I am one tired lady. As a testament to how exhausted I've been, I haven't even thought about fashion since last Tuesday and, trust me, that never happens. What has had me so out of sorts? We FINALLY moved into our new house on Wednesday! More accurately, we moved into our new house Wednesday through Sunday. It was the most brutal move of my life. It's amazing how much stuff we've accumulated over the last year. Also, it's strange how heavy it all is. Cheap furniture ain't lightweight, that's for sure! I have worked my ass off these last few days...literally. It has been a big change from sitting behind a desk everyday to doing physical labor every waking hour. Today is the first day in a week that I actually feel like a human being. I've been a sweaty, stinky, grungy, grimy, moving machine. We have gotten a lot done, but there is still so much to do. 

I wore this outfit way back last week before my whole world turned topsy-turvy. I think I was anxious about the impending move, because I look really angry in all these photos. Either that or the boiling hot sun was blinding me and making me hotter than a lady standing out in the middle of a field of Queen Anne's Lace on a hot, humid day. Oh the crazy things I do for this blog. I was so itchy when I got out of this field that I wanted to scratch my skin off. Thankfully, I refrained. I've got enough to deal with at the moment.

I never thought I'd say this, but it's been good to return to work today and get back to some sort of normalcy. However, over the next few weeks, my nights are going to be filled with all sorts of nesting activites. We still have a bed, 2 dressers, and a nightstand to put together. There are lighting and plumbing fixtures to be installed. There is painting to be done, and pictures to be hung. And that's just the inside. The yard is a whole' nother beast. Let's just say there is poison ivy in very large quantities.

As much as I'm complaining, don't let me fool you. I'm loving this time in my life. I'm soaking in every minute of it. Well, maybe not the ones where I'm too exhausted to move, but you know what I mean. It's a special time. Jerry and I are all growed up now. We like to joke around and say we've graduated from college and are full-fledged adults now. I can't wait to see what this new chapter in our life brings!



  1. You take such beautiful photos!

  2. This outfit is really unflattering. The pale colours do nothing for your skin.

  3. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit on you!

  4. I am so happy for you hon. :)

  5. I bought this top the same day I went to a Feist concert. Her outfit that night inspired this outfit. I thought she looked great and her coloring is similar to mine so I thought I'd give it a try.

    I guess, in your opinion, the big, white fatties like myself should stick to dark colors. I refuse to dress according to rules. I felt good in this, and I thought it looked cute.

  6. Love this outfit! That skirt is fabulous! Is that a recent Old Navy find?

    Congrats on the house! I know it is overwhelming at first, all that needs to get done to make it a home. The finished product is so rewarding though. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of all your decorating and remodeling! How is the puppy doing with the move?

  7. Don't listen to the first commentator, she judges with her extensive knowledge of mumus, sweatpant-suits and easy-spirit loafers, I'm pretty sure. These colors are wonderful on you, it makes your fair skin radiant. I love your hair, it looks like you got your highlights back? Regardless, you look beautiful in these photos (stress smile and all).


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