Magical Mistakes

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Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Ring: The Limited

"Those magical mistakes sending shockwaves through my atmosphere." - Athlete

I make a lot of mistakes. That's "a lot" with a space. As one of my grammatically correct readers pointed out, "a lot" is spelled with two words, not one. I've been trying to correct myself, but my boyfriend told me that in my last post I put a space in one time, but didn't the next. Oh well, old habits die hard. I kinda like the little mistakes people make like that. It's part of what makes them who they are.

My nephew pronounced trashcan "crashcan" for the longest time. I never corrected him because I thought it was cute. My children have several words they pronounce wrong. It's like my oldest never learned to pronounce it correctly, I never corrected him, and he passed the mistake down to the other two. Although, I've never felt the need to correct others, I have always felt the need to correct myself. I talked about this with my therapist this week. I told her that I'm a perfectionist and have a really hard time not being the best at everything. She asked me what type of person I like better - a person with seemingly no faults or a person whose down to earth and more real. I answered with, "Of course, I like the more down to earth person" She then told me to not think of my mistakes and faults as bad things, but as things that make me more likable.

So mistakes aren't always bad things? Turns out they're not. Case in point: The top I'm wearing today is a recent sale purchase from Anthropologie. I love the color and fit, but I felt it needed a little something, so I decided to belt it. The first belt that popped into my mind was this one, so I put it on and walked out the door. I noticed later on in the day that the pattern in the belt mimicks the pattern on the shoulders of the top. It reminded me of something Bob Ross used to say, "We don't have mistakes here, we just have happy little accidents." Oh how I love me some Bob Ross.    

Athlete - Magical Mistakes
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  1. I think I have alloted all of my love for the fashionista.
    Also everyone should know that she is 95% of the artistic guidance. I just show up where she wants and snap some photos. She's kind of awesome.

  2. Gotta love a man who 'shows up where she wants....' awesome. Holy l-o-o-o-n-g legs, girl! Gorgeous outfit, wonderful story.

  3. I also love Bob Ross. "Little happy trees!" It takes a lot of energy to be so self preserving all of the time. Let goooooooo

  4. That's all I can hope for, as I'm so in love with her. Where shall I show up next time sweetheart? You just let me know. I'll be there, camera in hand. \

  5. The above comment was written by photo boyfriend. We share a computer, so sometimes he gets confused and comments as me. Gotta love him! LOL!

  6. I was totally thinking how much I loved the coordination of this outfit before I read the commentary! You did great!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH! And green is such an awesome on you - as a side note! Thank your therapist for me.... I am so hard on myself I HATE it when I make a mistake. I take a ton of risks (I think) and when I make a mistake I feel like such a failure. I demand that kind of perfection from others, as well. I think that might be why some of my working relationships can be strained. I learned to fix that a couple of years ago but I haven't figured out how to fix me. Now, when I make a mistake, I will think to myself, "This is an opportunity to be down-to-earth and real. Thank you for sharing another piece of yourself and the personal convo you had with your therapist. Big hugs my pretty friend! Cheers! xoxo


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