Writer's Block

"I've locked up these words, in fear that I'd say them wrong." - Dawes

I've been in a weird place today. I feel numb. I just went through the motions of the day without much feeling one way or the other. I tried to do some writing, but it's crap. I thought I would start with a vingette. I remember my first English class in college that's what we started with. My teacher came in the first day with a umbrella. He taught a little while then walked over to the door and put the umbrella out in the hallway. He then told us to write a vingette about the umbrella. He wanted to see how observant we were. I thought that was pretty cool! The next week we had to write a vingette about any person, place, or thing. Of course, I chose to write about Jordan Catalona from My So Called Life. It worked out for me (I got an A) because he was something I was really passionate about at the time. LOL!

I need a Jordan Catalona today. I started writing about the old barn behind my house. Since I can see it from my bedroom window, it was kinda the obvious choice. I'm not feeling it, though. This writing thing is going to be tougher than I thought. Maybe I'm just not cut out for it. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I have it off work, and I've decided that I need to make a trip to Anthropologie. I don't want to spend another day like today moping around this house, so I'm going to make the trip to Durham to do some dressing room reviews.

Today, I'm wearing one of my new sale purchases, the Hellebore Sweater Skirt. I had bought this skirt back in December, but returned it because my husband said it reminded him of some old drapes. Well, when it went on sale last week, I decided I didn't care what he thought and bought it. Customer Service tracked one down in D.C. for me, so I called the Georgetown store and had it shipped to me in a size small. I just love it so much!

It did my spirit good to get out this afternoon and take these pictures. We went back to the abandoned house down the road. Some locals pulled up while we were out there. I was afraid I was going to get in trouble, but they instantly recongnized me and said, "Oh yeah, you're one of us." We asked if it was ok we were taking pictures there, and the guy pointed at me and said, "Well, you're home." Then he pointed at my husband and said, "But I don't know about you." LOL!

Today's song is one my favorites. It's by a band called Dawes and the song is "Love Is All I Am." It's such a beautiful song. I keep listening to it tonight, hoping it will give me some inspiration. The first verse gives me chills: "I need a silent true-way to admire. Like you as a sunset and I as a wildfire." Sigh. Why can't I write something like that? I'm going to go see what I can come up with. Good night!

Hellebore 003

Hellebore 005

Hellebore 029

Hellebore 020

Hellebore 103

Hellebore 036

Hellebore 039

Hellebore 066

Hellebore 071

Hellebore 033

Hellebore 090

Skirt: Anthropologie Hellebore Sweater Skirt
Top: Anthropologie Finessed Turtleneck
Tights and Bracelet: The Limited
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. Thank you! Thank you!
    I got this same top in NYC, and have looked everywhere for the name of it, so I could add to Polyvore. I am SO glad you wore it today!
    Here is me wearing it:

  2. Bonnie, you look amazing in this outfit. Love the skirt.

  3. Looking so beautiful, Bonnie! Love that skirt so so much, and now I wish I had bought it! Hopefully you'll be feeling better tomorrow - maybe it's the winter blues? Sometimes this time of year is so rough! An Anthro trip sounds like the ticket! :)

  4. Bonnie, not meaning any offense, but you did ask us to remind you time to time to curb your spending habits. If you didn't think you needed to have it then, you probably don't need it now. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need it - perhaps it needs to go. Sale price is still not cheap. You don't need every piece you think is pretty to make you feel happy - you have your family and friends for that. Just reminding you because you told us to, and because we care.

  5. Bonnie - You look so beautiful. I love the top with it. I tried the skirt on myself and it didn't work for me at ALL... and we have the same body type. I hope you can lift your spirits and get those creative juices flowing at Anthro tomorrow. That works for me - I sit on the couch in the middle of my store and take in all of the decorations I sometimes pass by when I am on the "hunt" for some prized piece.


  6. U luk soo pretty..Loved the skirt

  7. I love those "abandoned house" photographs, Bonnie, they're so beautifully atmospheric - even though I keep thinking 'tetanus!' (sorry, it's my job!). Anyways, hope you feel better today, and best wishes on the writing...hopefully, your visit to Anthropologie will inspire you? My Anthro is housed in a gorgeous historic mansion, and I feel inspired and rejuvenated every time I step in there (who needs a spa?) :)

  8. I'm so glad you went with your instinct and picked up that skirt. It's gorgeous and I can see it working with many items in your wardrobe. Lovely!

  9. modernmom: Oh, goody! I'm glad I could be of assistance!

    Tracy D: Thanks girl!

    Mandy: Thanks! Yeah, this time of the year makes everything worse.

    Angela: Thanks for being the voice of reason! I feel ok about this purchase because my husband said it was ok to buy the 2 skirts with my debit card. I didn't use a credit card, and it was an "approved purchase." You're right, I am looking for happiness in the wrong places, but I'm trying to work on that. Thanks for your advice. I welcome it anytime!

    Sherry: Thanks! Weird that the skirt didn't work on you. Did you try a small? I took a small in this skirt. Of course, my husband hates it on me, so it may not work for me either, but I don't care. LOL!

    Saji: Thanks sweetie!

    Jen: LOL! Yeah, there were alot of rusty nails! Oooh, your Anthro sounds lovely. Where is it?

    Jamie: Thanks! Yeah, I've got several tops in mind that I think will look good with this skirt.

  10. Hi Bonnie, my Anthro is in Philly - apparently, it's the "flagship" store! It takes up all 3 stories (plus basement) of a beautifully restored Beaux Arts mansion and is WAY too close to me, LOL!

  11. Jen: I thought so! I've actually been to that store! I had a class in Philly a few years ago. I went to that store everyday that week. So beautiful!


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