Disappearing Act

Ok, fess up! I want to know who went out last night and bought up all of the lace tops I wanted from Fossil! Last night at 11pm, every size was available except XL. Now, the only sizes left are XS and S! Did my blog post have something to do with this? Just couldn't control yourselves, could you? I told yall I was gonna be mad! LOL! ;-)



  1. I did not. But I must confess that I popped over there and *almost* did...I'm sure they will re-stock since it was so new. It was very cute! I'm so short that I was worried the sleeves would look like wings! :)

  2. The link just directed me to fossil site, but if it the lovely Brit Lace top, it is available in medium now. :D I just ordered one a few minutes ago.

    PS - I just stumbled across your blog, I really enjoy it. Glad you had a better day yesterday!

  3. Oh Bonnie...as soon as I read your last post, I was afraid that might happen - you're too influential, girl! (PS: I didn't buy one, but I did look at it - gorgeous). Hope you score one!


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