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Jeans: AE Jeggings - Size 8
Shoes: Steve Madden Seeri Sandals
Earrings: Tree and Kimble

"While you held me up, I held my calendar out like a cup." - Feist

Patience is not my strong suit, and, boy, is it being challenged lately. We still haven't closed on our house. It looks like it's going to be closer to June before we move now. I'm frustrated. I wanted to plant a garden, but as the days pass by that becomes less and less likely. I guess I can plant some pumpkins for the Fall. I know I should just be happy we are getting a house and not get caught up in the details. It's difficult for me, though.

For those long time readers, do you remember Red-Bitc? Well, during this photo shoot we met her owner. We were walking up to this location to take photos when I heard a voice above my head. I looked up and saw a lady in the window. She asked us if we were going to take pictures, and we said yes. Next thing we knew, she was knocking on the other side of that purple door. We opened the door for her and chatted with her a bit. We found out that she was the owner of Red-Bitc. We also found out that Red-Bitc was no more. Someone hit Red-Bitc while she was parked on the side of the road and totaled her. Poor Red-Bitc. I'm so glad we got pictures of her in all her glory. 

I guess the story of Red-Bitc goes to show you that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so we should enjoy what we have today. Today, I have a lot to enjoy. I've taken the day off work and slept in. Jerry is picking me up at noon, and we are driving to Raleigh for a Feist concert. Before the concert, we are going to stop by Anthro, so I can try on some things, and then we are going out for dinner. I'm looking forward to a great day with my sweetheart, followed by a relaxing evening listening to Feist. I'll take the good days where I can get them and let them comfort me.

Feist - Comfort Me



  1. "I'll take the good days where I can get them and let them comfort me."

    This was, somehow, exactly what I needed to hear today. It's good to be reminded of perspective when one has lost one's own for a bit.

    Also, you look lovely! That blouse is gorgeous on you - it's not something I'd ever have looked twice at otherwise, but I may have to try it on myself next time I'm near an Anthro. (:

  2. What a beautiful spot to take pictures! Love that top!


  3. The 3rd picture is UHmazing! This is my kinda outfit - love it

  4. a little bit off topic but I was lusting over that Pieced Column Dress but it is gone - does Anthro ever bring things back? Or should I just cross my fingers and check on ebay?

  5. Look at you, rocking those shoulders! :) Love that top! Hope you had fun at the concert!

  6. photos are great and your chosen local is awesome as always! can't wait for your Anthro reviews.

  7. Great photos - love the yellow and purple together!

  8. Oh no! Red-Bitc! I'm glad you met the owner! I would never have guessed she was owned by a little old lady :)


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